HOC Update: Twitch, Balancing, and New Heroes!


A while back, Asphalt 8 was the first mobile game to get the highly anticipated Twitch SDK.  This gave players the ability to stream their live gameplay to Twitch from their mobile devices.  Today, I’m happy to share with you all that Heroes of Order & Chaos will be joining Asphalt 8 as the second…

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Asphalt 8 visits Dubai!

A8 Dubai Update 1

Hey fellow racers!  Asphalt 8: Airborne is back with a brand new location in it’s latest update: Dubai!  Traverse through this magnificent city in some of the most exotic cars known to drivers by updating your version of Asphalt 8 today.  Read on to see what’s new in the update and what we’ve got in…

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Ninja Up – You Can Be A Ninja Too!


Have you ever wanted to jump around as a ninja?  Well we’ve got the game for you: Ninja Up!  It’s a completely free to play game, with no IAPs, just pure ninja fun!  Players will be able to rise through the ranks as they jump beyond their friends and other high scores.  Be careful though,…

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Rival Knights: Joust The Game You Need


Hear ye, hear ye!  The time for the bravest knight to rise above the rest is now upon us with the launch of Rival Knights!  For those of you fair maidens and good sir knights who haven’t heard of Rival Knights, it’s our brand new jousting game (hence the punny title).  I’m really excited about…

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