Ninja Up – You Can Be A Ninja Too!


Have you ever wanted to jump around as a ninja?  Well we’ve got the game for you: Ninja Up!  It’s a completely free to play game, with no IAPs, just pure ninja fun!  Players will be able to rise through the ranks as they jump beyond their friends and other high scores.  Be careful though,…

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Rival Knights: Joust The Game You Need


Hear ye, hear ye!  The time for the bravest knight to rise above the rest is now upon us with the launch of Rival Knights!  For those of you fair maidens and good sir knights who haven’t heard of Rival Knights, it’s our brand new jousting game (hence the punny title).  I’m really excited about…

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Captain America: TWS Developer Q&A

CA Fwoom

I hope you all have been practicing your shield throwing technique because Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming soon!  In preparation for the stars and stripes action, I sat down with Matthieu Dupont, the Producer of Captain America, and picked his brain on all things Captain.  It was awesome to get his insight on…

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Shift Gears and Get Your Racing Fix

A8 Blog image

  Is the Polar Vortex slowing you down?  Well Modojo has made the perfect list of racing games to help you shake off the snow and get back up to speed.  Head on over to check out their “Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad Racing Games – January 2014” and you’ll see some familiar games. …

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