Walkthrough: Gameloft LIVE

Gameloft LIVE is a feature available on some of our iPhone and iPod touch games allowing you to find people to play with, make friends, chat, send messages, compare your trophies, earn Gameloft points and much more!

Gameloft LIVE is currently available in 6 of our games:

  • UNO
  • Brain Challenge 2
  • Real Soccer 2010
  • Blades of Fury
  • Dungeon Hunter
  • Asphalt 5

But a lot of other games featuring Gameloft LIVE are coming your way, including Castle Frenzy, Skater Nation and N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance!

Follow me and I’ll show you all you can do with Gameloft LIVE!

First, launch one of the game featuring Gameloft LIVE and tap on the Gameloft LIVE icon in the main menu.

Main menu

If you don’t have an account yet tap on « Create Account » and get started!


In the main menu you can see all the Gameloft Points you have earned so far. The stars represent your reputation. You can give a good reputation to your friends by tapping their stars and choosing the smiling icon.

Trophy: To earn points you have to win trophies (or achievements) in the game. By tapping the « Trophy » icon you can see your trophies details.


You can win up to 2000 points per game. There are various achievements, from « Win a fight » to « Finish the game without dying », some of them are really hard to get and will give you more points!

Profile: In the profile menu you can select your country and modify your Username, password or e-mail. You can also select an avatar or upload one of your own picture.


Chat: In the chat menu you can… chat. Entering in the Chat menu will automatically open a new chat room where you can invite friends by tapping the « + » button. You can gather here to decide which game you wanna play next, establish a strategy for your next match or discuss anything you want.

Chat Room

Message: By tapping the « Message » icon you’ll enter your Message Box. From here you can check your messages and send new messages to your friends. If someone asks you to be his friends you’ll receive an invitation in this Message Box.

Message Box

Friends: The friends menu displays your list of friends. If you want to add a new friend, tap on the « + » icon and type your friend’s username. You can also add people from a game, for example if you’re playing UNO online and want to become friend with one of your adversary just tap the « + » icon next to his name.

Friends List

By tapping on one of your friend you’ll open his profile.

Friends Profile

In his profile you can see if your friend is online, and if he is playing a game. If you want to play with him just tap on the “Invite To Play” button (this will invite him to play the game you’re currently in). If he has the game he’ll receive a push notification inviting him.

Push Notification

If he hasn’t got the game he’ll automatically receive a message notifying him that you want to play with him.


From this menu you can also invite him to chat, send him a message or compare your trophies.

Compare Games

When tapping the “Compare Games” icon you’ll see an overall view of both of your scores and trophies. If you want to see the details tap the icon of a particular game.

Compare Trophies

Now you can see which trophies you have in common or not.

If you want to get some more friends don’t hesitate to visit our dedicated forum post and give your username!

Meanwhile you can still add me to see if you’re better than me ;)

My Gameloft LIVE username: Sara

See you there!