Earthworm Jim(s) are invading XBLA and PSN!

Yes! Finally Earthworm Jim HD will be released on XBox Live Arcade on June 9th and soon on Playstation Network!

The exact same groovy game we all loved in the 90’s but with full HD treatment, extra levels and… a multiplayer mode! And what can be better than multiple space-suited earthworms? Don’t strain yourself searching, the answer is: nothing!

But do you know how it all begins? Let me show you…


And if you still doubt the awesomeness of Jim you should ask the “I LOVE JIM” contest winners what they think about it. Justin, Eric and Matt came to our NY studio to try in exclusivity the new version of Earthworm Jim HD!


Aren’t they Groovy ;)


  • Nonsensely

    My ex and son used to play Jim with Justin (above). Always loved to laugh at Jim's antics. Congrats on the new version!

  • Mary Brigham

    I know nothing about Earthworm Jim, but am glad to know what my grandson is doing.

  • PsycrowMantis

    Is Earthworm Jim HD officially not coming to wiiware?

  • HappySpaceInvader

    As a fan of the original Megadrive game, this is just brilliant. I'd love to see a "behind-the-scenes" on how it was made. Did the devs have access to any original assets from the Shiny release or was everything recreated, painstakingly, by hand? That sort of thing… I have to know!!

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