Words from David Villa

David Villa was selected as the featured athlete of Real Football 2011. He was heavily involved with not only the trailers, but took the time to answer questions for the media and perform game demos as well. To promote Real Football 2011, Villa wrote a quick post, sharing his thoughts on the game:


Gameloft contacted me to become the ambassador for Real Football 2011. It was a pleasant surprise, especially since it came at the heels of an amazing World Cup run.

Whenever I was on the road in South Africa, I played all kinds of iPhone games and Real Football 2010 was one of my favorites. Familiar with the title, I was excited to be part of the next series. It’s fantastic to not only play this new version, but also see definite improvements from graphics, to animations, to controls.

What do I like about Real Football 2011? Each player and team has its own defining characteristics. It’s not generic, bland profiles. When I play, I can control the players with degrees of acceleration and see the precision when they shoot. As FC Barcelona is known for their passing game, I enjoy seeing the quality of the passes in Real Football 2011 – you can keep the ball for several minutes!


Gameloft explained to me that they worked with motion capture technology to model the movements of real football players. You can really see the difference when you play. Controls, passes and ball touches look realistic. And when players score goals, I like the animations of their celebrations.

I’m proud to have been a part of this and based on my experience, I think fans will enjoy the game very much. The quality of Real Football 2011 makes me quite happy to be representing it and I can’t wait to see fans blown away.


Real Football 2011 is currently available on the App Store.