Twitter Advent Calendar

We all know December is the longest and most unfair month of the year: why wait until the 25th to receive your Christmas presents? We at Gameloft have decided to put an end to this mean practice by offering a surprise gift every day in December until Christmas to all our fans and anyone who is in the festive spirit.


And the best part is how simple it is! Every day we’ll announce our surprise on our Twitter account ( All you have to do is click on the link in the tweet to enjoy your present. What can you get? A free game to play on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android device, or on Facebook? Exclusive sneak peeks or cool goodies for our hottest upcoming Christmas games? Crazy game discounts? Special, free in-game content? Rest assured you’ll get all this and a little bit more in the end… that is, if you don’t miss a day! So follow @Gameloft on Twitter and, starting December 1, check your timeline every day to discover your gift.

Enjoy our Twitter Advent Calendar and have a great holiday season!


1. How can I participate? What do I have to do?

This is not a contest! There are no questions to answer and no lotteries to enter. You can grab a present once you see the Advent Calendar tweet of the day and time hasn’t run out yet. Just click on the link in the tweet to access your present.

2. Is there a limited supply of free presents you’re giving out?

No, there will be no limit to how many people can download or access the daily present. Just be quick!

3. Is Twitter the only way to hear about the daily gift? Is there anywhere else I can find out about the gift of the day?

We’ll only let you know what each daily gift is and how to access it on Twitter, because it allows for instant communication with our fans and because the availability of each present is limited. You may find news about it elsewhere on the web, but we can’t guarantee the gift will still be available when you see it.

4. How long will each gift be available?

All gifts will expire after 24 hours, so be quick!

5. I don’t have a Twitter account. What should I do?

We suggest you create one. It takes only a few seconds at! Once you’re done and connected, go to and click on “Follow”. You’ll then receive all our tweets on the home page of your Twitter account. You can also download one of the many Twitter clients for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. Plenty of them are free and they allow you to receive tweets directly on your device.