Free Android Games!

Starting today and lasting through Labor Day (September 5), Gameloft is giving away some of our most popular and iconic Android games for FREE!

All you have to do to take advantage of this giveaway is follow Gameloft’s Android channels on Twitter (@GameloftAndroid) or Facebook ( That’s because at random times, we will announce on those sites a game that we’re giving away. From the moment of the announcement, you’ll have 2 hours to download the game for FREE!

Personally, I suggest sharing the news with friends and swearing a blood oath to one another that you’ll alert everyone the second you see an announcement.

And just to put the icing on the cake, we’re also having a $0.99 SALE ON ALL OUR ANDROID GAMES, but you can only redeem this deal by visiting the special promo link: If there’s ever been a game you were even slightly interested in, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it by the end of this event!

If you should have any questions about the event or how to participate, take a look at the below FAQ which should answer most of your concerns. If not, you can always drop us a line at

Q. Help! I cannot access the promotion.
Make sure you are clicking on the promotion link provided on the Facebook post or Twitter tweet. The promotion can only be accessed through this link. Please also note that this promotion is only valid in the United States and it is not available for AT&T users.

Q. Is this game available on my device?
Unfortunately, if you click through the promotion link on your device and the site says it is not available, the game is not available for your device. The good news is, you can still purchase any other game for $0.99!

Q. I come to a site where I am told to scan a QR Code or send an SMS to my device, but I already am on a device. How do I access the promotion?
This means that the Gameloft HD Games Store cannot recognize your device (and thinks you’re on a PC!) which may happen with some browsers. Make sure you are using the standard Android browser that originally came with the device.

Q. The site says Forbidden when I try to access it.
This indicates that you are browsing in 4G on a Sprint device, which currently does not support access to the Gameloft HD Games Stre. Switch to 3G or WIFI access and you will be able to see the promotion.

Q. I’ve downloaded the free game but when I start up the game, I see a white screen or other issues with the game! Will this be fixed and can I still get this for free when it is?
When you download the game for free, it will be available for re-download from the ‘My Downloads’ page that can be accessed through a link on the bottom of the Gameloft HD Games Store homepage. Once the game is fixed you can re-download the game at no cost from this page.