Trick or Treat with Gameloft!

We decided to celebrate Halloween the only way it should be: with a scary contest and terrifying sales! This year all we have for you is treats, so get ready to celebrate all this week!

For your first treat, participate in our Trick or Treat contest and get a chance to win an iPad 2 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab! To enter just go to our Facebook page and click the tab for the contest and play our creepy memory puzzle with Gameloft’s scariest characters! If you solve the puzzle in less than 60 seconds, you’ll be entered to win the tablet of your choice! If you didn’t manage it, don’t worry, you can try again as many times as you want.

And for those of you who want an immediate treat, get some of our best games for only $0.99 in our Halloween sales for iPhone, iPad, and Android! If you are an Android user in the U.S. you can also enjoy our sales through the Gameloft HD Games Store!

List of $0.99 games:

Order & Chaos Online for iPhone, iPad and Android

Driver for iPhone

UNO for Android

Gameloft Action Pack (with Hero of Sparta, Brothers in Arms and Blades of Fury) for iPhone

Iron Man 2 for iPhone and iPad

BackStab for Android

Skater Nation for iPhone

Shrek Forever After for iPhone and iPad