Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation Launches for iPhone and iPad!

We know you have been waiting on the edge of your seats and it’s finally here! Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is out for iPhone and iPad on the App Store! Do you already have it? Let us know what you think in the comments! If not, you can buy it NOW or read a little bit more about some of its key features below!

MC3 begins when PKR (Pakistan Korea Russia) General Tong Seok-Ryong initiates a full-scale attack on the United States with covert forces he has smuggled into Mexico and Central America. When professional mercenary (and former US Army Ranger) Edward Page launches a devastating cyber-attack on American military networks, General Tong moves his troops across the border and begins his attack on U.S. soil. Do you have what it takes to subdue the enemy forces and defeat General Tong?

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation’s stellar 13 mission campaign takes you deep into the heart of enemy territory in 6 different countries, from the main battle in Los Angeles to Pakistan! The Multiplayer mode features 6 different gameplay types on 6 different multiplayer maps that are sure to keep your FPS skills honed. You can move up the ranks, and surpass your friends, with more than 90 experience settings.

New features to MC3 include run and slide options to make you feel like you are in the action. Plus a new “quick time event” feature keeps you focused on the story! We have changed the game mechanics so instead of using a “floating joystick,” you can now move by touching anywhere on the screen. You can also customize your weapons with in-game purchases to turn your rifle from average, to a sniping machine!

Buy Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and be sure to stay tuned for MC3’s Android release! In the mood for more games? See what we have on SALE for Halloween!