Game of the Week: The Oregon Trail!

Today I would like to share a Gameloft game that I just can’t put down! That’s right… I can’t stop chugging down the road on the Oregon Trail. I have been plagued by illness, lack of food, broken-down wagons, and my family’s constant belly-aching… And I love every minute of it! Are you playing? No? Find out why I love the game below or buy the game on the App Store or for Android now.


At first Oregon Trail may seem like just an updated version of the original game I played when I was young, but with new controls, updated graphics, and tons of fun mini games, this is a great update on a classic game. One of my favorite features is the new fishing mini game which lets you cast your line and try to hook the “monster of the lake.” But beware of what you reel in with him, like that pesky old boot that keeps hitting me in the head!


Another cool feature is the barter system. The new game mode lets you combine different items to upgrade your wagon & oxen. You can purchase the items in the store or collect them along the trail west to save coins.  Plus, there are a handful of new items in the store to tantalize players with deep pockets… If you haven’t spent all your money on food and medicine for your constantly ill family! ;)


Other cool features:

  • The original hunting and river rafting have returned! The river rafting mini game even features new tilt controls to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Fun mini games that were not included in the original including: berry picking, wagon repair, telegraph, and gold panning.
  • Random events and side missions keep you engaged while on the road and pose new challenges to the settlers.
  • Your children can be stolen by eagles… You may not think that is a good thing, but you will be singing a different tune after broken limbs, typhoid, and incessant whining!

What are your favorite features in Oregon Trail? Have you made it to Oregon yet? Download Oregon Trail now on the App Store or for Android now.

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