Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Launches on the App Store!

It’s not every day I have the privilege of telling you about a game like Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. The Gangstar franchise is one of my personal favorites and I’m sure it’s one of yours as well. We know you have been waiting patiently and, thankfully, the wait is over! Download Gangstar Rio: City of Saints from the App Store today!

Explore the crime-ridden streets of Rio de Janeiro as Angel Nascimento, a former gang member who is after revenge.  Infiltrate your former gang to discover who killed the love of your life, Ana, and tried to kill you. You have one advantage in your quest for revenge; the blast that killed Ana also left you unrecognizable to your former gang members!

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints features 5 districts in Rio de Janeiro, over 70 missions, 25 different vehicles, and much, much more. From tanks to planes, Gangstar Rio has tons of fun vehicles. One of my favorites is the helicopter. See Rio as it was meant to be seen, from the sky!

Another cool feature allows you to customize the main character, Angel. Not only can you change his clothes, but his facial features.  Make sure you disguise his identity if you want to get revenge on the gang that murdered your girlfriend!

Unlock crazy new weapons by helping the citizens of Rio de Janeiro! You can unlock the traditional arsenal of automatic weapons, bazookas, and grenade launchers, plus new weapons like an exploding football and machete. And don’t forget to listen to the local news to hear about your latest conquests and recent gang action in real time.

If all these features don’t have you excited, this last one will… Gangstar Rio has the first explorable indoor environments in the Gangstar series. Hit the club or sneak into the police station, Rio let’s you go where no other Gangstar game has gone before!

Jump into the first sandbox game to hit the streets of Rio de Janeiro! Get Gangstar Rio: City of Saints on the App Store for $6.99 now!

Already playing? Tell us about your favorite new features in the comments!