Six Guns – Interview with the Team

Are you ready to take on the undead in Six Guns? Get a sneak peek at what’s in-store, check out this exclusive interview with the producer of the game!

Enjoy! And don’t hesitate to click on the pictures for a bigger view.

What was the inspiration for the Wild-West-meets-vampires-werewolves-and-witches theme of the game?

We’re all big fans here of both Wild West stories and American mythology. We thought that bringing the two together would make for an interesting setting for a game since there’s really nothing like it out there. We’ve seen all these monsters in every other sort of setting, from medieval Europe to modern day New York, so why not the Old West?

Why did you choose to go with a freemium price model for this game?

We want as many people as possible to enjoy our game; we believe in the “If you build it, they will come” motto. We prefer that people have fun with the game and spend money on it because they’re really enjoying it.


Can a player go completely through this game without paying a cent?

All players will have the opportunity to explore the entire game world without paying. Paying will just allow you to move forward at a much faster pace.

What can you tell me about the gameplay? Is it fair to say this game is a mix of action and RPG elements?

I would categorize the game as mostly an action game, with some strong RPG and exploration features. Most of the game involves shooting and slashing through waves of enemies, but the ability to accumulate and upgrade your equipment gives you long-term objectives.


What types of missions do we offer in the game?

This is a pretty in-depth game and we want players to stay interested for a long time, so we had to make a lot of mission types. In addition to the basic “hunt down and kill target X” type missions, we also have horse races, sharpshooting challenges, rescue missions, stronghold raids, timed defense missions and exploration missions, among others.

What is your favorite weapon in the game?

That really depends on my mood. Normally I like the grim style of slicing through enemies with the Scythe, but when I have a little aggression to blow off, nothing compares to the Gatling Gun for mowing down everything that moves.

If you could be a non-player character, which one would you like to be?

Oh, that would have to be the vampire cowboy – the one you see at the end of the trailer. First of all, he can teleport, which is always cool. Second, he’s just got this perfect balance of rugged Wild West and classy vampire styles. Rugged and classy; that’s my kind of non-player character.