The Oregon Trail: American Settler Now Available

Hi settlers! You all know that I LOVE Oregon Trail.. So when I heard that Gameloft was making a sequel, I was jumping for joy! And The Oregon Trail: American Settler didn’t disappoint!  Get your copy of The Oregon Trail: American Settler on the App Store now or keep reading to find out why I’m in love!


Now that you have reached Oregon, the real adventure begins! The game combines the characters, minigames, unexpected events, and historical facts from the original adventure with a new game dynamic. Watch your camp grow from a small hole in the wall into a bustling frontier town. Build homes and shops, plant crops, feed your livestock, and more to make a truly unique village, but prepare for unexpected dangers like stampedes and natural disasters!


Attract townsfolk to your budding village including some truly historic individuals. Say “howdy” to your favorite figures from the Wild West to get new challenges and grow your camp. Go hunting and fishing on the outskirts of town to gather supplies. Plus, share the adventure with your friends by trading gifts and visiting each other’s growing frontier towns!


Be sure to stop by the general store for all new items to enrich your town. Purchase cute little pigs, chickens, and other livestock for your farm. Chop down trees to clear space and to build new buildings like a local saloon, new homes, and local government buildings. You will also find decorations in the general store to keep your village looking really snazzy!

So saddle-up if you think you have what it takes to thrive in the Wild West in The Oregon Trail: American Settler! Download it for iOS today and tell us what you think. Do you like this new take on Oregon Trail? Are you excited to play?

Coming soon to Android…

  • Brian

    Pls delete my account on gameloft my username is :brianinovez

  • Laura Ainsworth Rachatellelle

    ok i am sick of not apply to get to my neighbors and I have tried everything that was suggested to me. I can’t get my quest completed if I can’t go to neighbors and do what they ask for.. I have expanded and then go back and have to buy the land again. I am sick of this not playing like it suppose to.
    my user name is lacrachat

  • Samantha Hart

    I love Oregon trail. But last week I had to update it and the price of land jumped from 56000 to 340000. I have a friend who is at a higher level then me and has the update but her price didn’t jump that high.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • ps

    I’m not going to play anymore, it’s not fun. I now have so many structure fires, tornados, and injuries, that I can’t do anything but fulfill the needs to repair and heal. This has been a constant since the update. Took me 2 weeks of occasional play to buy the land, it too jumped almost 50%. I was going to recommend this game to some young people but not now, they wouldn’t enjoy it at all. I am older and I figure they think I’m going to buy my way out of all of this. I’m not ever going to. I think what spurred all of these issues was with the request for my age, and I stupidly gave them my information. Will be looking for a different game company to play with.

  • allyd

    How do I sell an animal? or item?

  • des0105

    Like the game but cannot play it on my nook it will start and show gameloft then go balck and go to my home screen.

  • JohnnyD

    The blackberry version of Oregon Trail: American Settler has many bugs in both the manufacturing, buying, and other menu processes. It has further serious errors in the ‘nearby towns’ and ‘add friends’/social media inserts. Solving these will make the game much more playable, especially at higher levels

  • anthony

    How do u build bricks and hand drills?

  • Adam

    Delete your duplicate buildings and upgrade the ones you have left that should help out with managing your energy I was feeling the same until I did this.

  • sharron linville

    This game was fun and now I feel like deleting it because everytime I play it I get angrier and angrier. I’m level 75 and I can’t find the time to do any of my quests cause I have 16 buildings that are damaged, 10 people sick, 6 pets sick. I spend the whole time making things to fix all these problems and when I get one or two things fixed or healed here comes 5 more problems. It’s getting ridiculous.

  • mel

    When does the tutorial end and I can move things around????

  • Heather Robbins

    I am having this problem

  • dixiedog02

    just wait it gets better i had 3 stampeeds 3 fires and 2 tornados today at level63

  • nick

    When is the next update coming out? I haven’t been able to play because I crash before the main screen even comes up every time.

  • crystal

    I am havng the same problem, it won’t even get past the front screen while trying to load. Why is this happening, does anyone know?

  • Linda

    i feel the same way. Before after I fixed my disasters it said i would not get any more for 24 hours but that is not the case. Every time I harvest my crops I get several sick people. I spend all of my time fixing and curing. I guess if you want to have fun you have to spend money, and there’s the rub. Plus I lost my neighbor and can’t get it back and she can’t get me back either. Will not recommend.

  • Diane

    How do you delete buildings?

  • Mindi Lazear

    Hiw and the heck do you upgrade the axes that constant message basic axe is pissing me off

  • clarkm2j81

    I NEED HELP PLEASE??? Any guys please make me a friend request or whatever. I Have no friends at all and need some. Please I beg of you guys. My name is clarkm2j81. Thank you so much whoever you guys may be :-)

  • Erin Hannon

    I’d like to know that as well..

  • Rafael

    Hi i bought a building for 100 coins that predicted disasters and as it works with cash id like to sell it but it doesnt let me can i do anything to remove it??