Geek Wishlist: 3 Awesome Mobile Tees

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Don’t procrastinate too long, hop onto the information super highway with me and check out some killer geekery! Whether you are looking for gaming goodies, high tech gadgets, or mobile inspiration, we have something for everyone on your list!

Find out how my buddy, the cute little Android robot, evolved from modern man with this tee from Cafe Press. It comes in multiple colors and sizes to please any Android fan on your list!

Another clever t-shirt I found, is this old school Oregon Trail tee! You can’t beat its extremely affordable price, a svelte $6. Fans of the original and new Oregon Trail alike will fall in love with this quirky piece of geek history.  Plus, for the true Oregon Trail lover, you can double up and send that special someone Oregon Trail or The Oregon Trail: American Settler for iOS AND this old school tee!

And last on our list, the Sound Charge T-Shirt, has one major bonus for mobile junkies. Not only will it keep you warm, it can also charge your cell phone! This high tech garment by U.K. mobile giant, Orange, captures sound waves and redirects the energy to your cell phone. How does it work you ask? The techy tee has an a4 panel made from Piezoelectric film, the kind found in HiFi speakers, that acts as a giant microphone, absorbing sound pressure waves and converting them into power. Just plug in your mobile device and get a quick charge while you are on the go! Concert goers in the U.K. got a sneak peek at the nifty device, when Orange tested it at the “Spirit of 71” Glastonbury Festival.  So keep your eyes peeled for this techy tee


So what do you think gamers? Are you into any of these tees? Do you think one might end up under your Christmas tree? Have you found cooler gaming clothes? Let us know in the comments! And don’t miss our Android and iOS sales… Grab them before their gone!