Game of the Week: Green Farm 2!

Have you been missing our Game of the Week feature? We sure have! That’s why this week you get an extra helping of our weekly game spotlight: one from me, your casual gaming guru, and one from Mike, who is ready to beat up some aliens after this week’s edition! Watch out for his Game of the Week tomorrow and keep reading to find out what I have been playing nonstop!

I’m no farmer but there is something about Green Farm that just has me hooked! Whether it’s the loads of garden decorations, tons of crops to choose from or the cute little piggies (I think it might be the piggies), I can’t stop working on my garden! And now there is a new version of Green Farm, Green Farm 2! Green Farm 2 has all the features that you love from the first game, but it’s been remodeled in three dimensions! Get it now or keep reading for more info on this updated game.

Green Farm 2 has such a huge store, I can’t grow crops fast enough to buy everything! From unicorn topiaries to apple juice presses, you can customize your farm to really make it reflect you. If you love pigs (like me) stock up on the chubby pink livestock. You can even buy a pigsty or a pigsty XXL to keep your hogs happy! And if you’re into a Greener way of life, go green with organic plants and renewable energy! Get high-tech with solar panels to power your farm or keep it old school with windmills. You can even make your own homemade juice and cheese. Plus, you can customize your avatar, take on unique missions, & get help from robots, that’s right ROBOTS!

So get addicted to farm life with me, get Green Farm 2 for free on the App Store! And if you’re ready for more games, check out our last Game of the Week, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard!

And be sure to tell us what games you can’t stop playing! The game and your comment could be featured in next week’s Game of the Week!