Create your own fantastic village in Fantasy Town!

Hey gamers! Are you in the mood for something different? Something a little… magical? Then you have to try our newest iOS & Android game, Fantasy Town! Build your own fantastic village and fill it with elves, dwarves, fairies, and even humans! Fight evil monsters lurking in the forest to keep your town safe. Get Fantasy Town free on Android, iPhone, & iPad now! And keep reading for more on this bewitching new game.

Once upon a time, in a world full of magic and wonder…
The fearsome Grundel lead the evil and jealous monsters hiding in the forests in an attack against the fantasy creatures in Fantasy Town. Fairies, elves, dwarves, and humans alike were forced to flee their beautiful kingdoms & start anew. Help them rebuild their homes and create a bigger and better land than ever before! Make your town as enchanting as you can, to attract the fantastic beings back to the city life & out of hiding. With each new inhabitant that joins your town, comes a new story. Help them with their quests and bring the magic back to your town!

Fantasy Town has an amazing attention to detail that really kept me immersed in the game. From the birds flying across the land to every stone and crevice in the giant castles, the details add a level of authenticity to the game that I really enjoyed! Even the creatures are unique. You will meet tons of legendary characters, from the stout dwarves that dig up treasure to the mystic fairies that watch over your crops! And each new character brings their own story to your town, with unique quests. Keep your villagers happy and thriving by completing their quests.

One of the great things about Fantasy Town is the abundance of different crops, decorations, houses, and shops! Have your own Pegasus stable or build your own dark castle to tower over the land. Each business, home, and plant produces unique items that can only be found by having them in your town. Collect all of these objects to get magical potions to help your village grow even faster! Fill your town with statues, flowers, or roads to unlock special achievements and keep your bustling village looking snazzy. You can even share your kingdom with your friends! Ask for help, show off, or just get ideas from your Gameloft Live & Facebook friend’s towns.

So if you are ready for a real fantasy adventure, get Fantasy Town free on iOS & Android! Be sure to tell us about your towns in the comments!

  • haskej

    I would like Some friends as neighbours. Please add me, my ID is: haskej

  • halpal

    I live in the U.S. and fantasy town is no longer on the App Store!!! is anyone else as upset as I am? or is the App Store lying…? I wanna play! when will it be back?

  • Mitzy Barker

    Any one still play this game add me mitzy1110

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  • Liliana Rodrigues

    I got stuck át. Level 120, the XP stopped counting át. 120,200 what should I do?

  • Anonamus

    Me too and I loved it sout much but when I got my new device I couldn’t find it