Create your own fantastic village in Fantasy Town!

Hey gamers! Are you in the mood for something different? Something a little… magical? Then you have to try our newest iOS & Android game, Fantasy Town! Build your own fantastic village and fill it with elves, dwarves, fairies, and even humans! Fight evil monsters lurking in the forest to keep your town safe. Get Fantasy Town free on Android, iPhone, & iPad now! And keep reading for more on this bewitching new game.

Once upon a time, in a world full of magic and wonder…
The fearsome Grundel lead the evil and jealous monsters hiding in the forests in an attack against the fantasy creatures in Fantasy Town. Fairies, elves, dwarves, and humans alike were forced to flee their beautiful kingdoms & start anew. Help them rebuild their homes and create a bigger and better land than ever before! Make your town as enchanting as you can, to attract the fantastic beings back to the city life & out of hiding. With each new inhabitant that joins your town, comes a new story. Help them with their quests and bring the magic back to your town!

Fantasy Town has an amazing attention to detail that really kept me immersed in the game. From the birds flying across the land to every stone and crevice in the giant castles, the details add a level of authenticity to the game that I really enjoyed! Even the creatures are unique. You will meet tons of legendary characters, from the stout dwarves that dig up treasure to the mystic fairies that watch over your crops! And each new character brings their own story to your town, with unique quests. Keep your villagers happy and thriving by completing their quests.

One of the great things about Fantasy Town is the abundance of different crops, decorations, houses, and shops! Have your own Pegasus stable or build your own dark castle to tower over the land. Each business, home, and plant produces unique items that can only be found by having them in your town. Collect all of these objects to get magical potions to help your village grow even faster! Fill your town with statues, flowers, or roads to unlock special achievements and keep your bustling village looking snazzy. You can even share your kingdom with your friends! Ask for help, show off, or just get ideas from your Gameloft Live & Facebook friend’s towns.

So if you are ready for a real fantasy adventure, get Fantasy Town free on iOS & Android! Be sure to tell us about your towns in the comments!

  • audrey

    This is great except the magic spells, it is so limited with so many things to do around. Will this be improved in the near future?

  • Amberreynolds

    Add me plz

  • angel

    my houses were suddenly gone and when i tried to locate it, it says int in the wild..what do i do?

  • Poppy

    I can no longer collect free rubies by watching videos. When you changed to the new format that takes you to a web browser to watch the video, the only button at the end says “download”. I click download and still no rubies. It was much easier watching the video within the game and I have found some interesting games via the previous method.

  • barbara

    I am having trouble receiving gifts example rubies can anyone help thanks

  • Lucy

    Has anyone else noticed how crops die really quickly now! I've lost 3 crops of 30x blueberries in the last few days! Do they now die with minutes of being ready to be harvested?!?!? I'm getting a bit annoyed! Could someone help please..thanks :)

  • Funcandy

    Hi im funcandy plz add me

  • Bonnie LaBarre

    Hi, I just started playing Fantasy Towm. Can someone tell how to get the rubies. Thank You

  • rachael haselden

    just started playing & have no idea how to add ppl so plz add me! thanks

  • pragati

    i like the game .

  • pragati


  • shailaja dash

    I love to play fantasy town a lot and I always play it

  • sestosensox

    Ciao Sono ad un livello molto alto di questo gioco bellissimo, ma da alcuni giorni non riesco più a collegarmi, l'app carica qualche secondo e poi si disconnette tornando alla schermata dell'iphone. Potete aiutarmi?

  • arnok

    i've reached level 120 and no more experiences are gained…..

  • Charise

    I love this game! I miss it tho. It has been over a week and it will not allow me to connect. When I click on the app, it acts like it is downloading and then it just goes back to my home screen…. :(. How can I get it back?

  • germine

    i wanted to download fantasy town game but as you coudnot undestand u wrote these all silly writing abouve

  • alory

    I can’t reach the level 100 I have stucked in the 99 . please advice

  • TheRebelOne

    I''m really new to Fantasy Town and would love new neighbors. Add me please. I haven't been able to figure out how to add people yet. Do you need my game loft ID? My town is rebelville and I'm TheRebelOne

  • http://fantasytown Tarotigger

    Why will this suddenly not download? It gets about half way and just stops. I get notifications but it won’t let me in. Trouble started sometime after update. I kinda miss my little town :) any ideas?

  • lona da chica

    to get quests and visitors you have to make your town attractive by always buying new stuff

  • Breanna


  • ade

    how to download it

  • Tina

    Every time I get a town going really good, something resets my whole game and it sets me back to my basic town, but to buy new pieces of land it costs 25,000 or more depending on the level I was on before. This has happened 3 times. I would like to get this on my pc, is it available?

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  • Kristina

    I’m so upset my fantasy town app will not load anymore, the loading bar goes half way up every time I open it and then it freezes, I don’t want to re install the app because I don’t want to loose my town that I’ve worked on since august :-( Does anyone know What should I do??

  • Maura

    I rarely leave responses, however i did a few
    searching and wound up here Gameloft Blog

  • nischalsrihita

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  • eimy or amy

    i want to play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  • Nigh

    كيف يمكنني زيادة الجواهر

  • Ftftfi

    انتم لماذا لا تردون علي دائماً أرجوكم ردو

  • Heather Martin

    my fantasy town seems to make me lose sound on other apps

  • Heather Martin

    If i reset my Nexus will i lose the level i am at on fantasy town as I have a great community going i would hate that to happen

  • Heather Martin

    why can’t i get it on my laptop? It would make editing and town changes so much easier on a bigger screen than my Nexuz 7

  • lee duda

    How can I increase Gems please tell me

  • Michelle@Gameloft

    There are a few different ways to get rubies in Fantasy Town. The fastest and easiest way is of course to purchase them from the shop. You can also get rubies by completing quests & by playing the Whack a Worm, Balloon, & Frog Kissing mini-games. And if you haven’t already, you can get free rubies by going to the options menu and choosing the “Free Rubies” button at the bottom of the screen and watching a video. Hope that helps! :-)

  • 9548165851

    Thank you

  • Fluro_o

    Hello can you help me I’m new to this game and I don’t know how you take a pic of your pet plz help!?

  • Meng Huy

    i just want to have this game in my computer,, i wanna play via my laptop ….

  • dragonfly2287

    How do I feed and play with my pet? Every time I go there the stupid rabbit tells me to rub the egg! It’s been hatched for days! I tap the food and toy icons but nothing happens.

  • Lud

    Can someone please add me. My id is LudMx

  • skkuzek

    I keep getting a message “make sure to connect to the internet in order to download the latest content”. I’m connected, is there anyway to disable this message?

  • Mary_FromGameloft


    You will have to download the content . If the message is still displayed after that please submit a ticket at


  • Sara

    I have the same problem. Very annoying, is there any solution?

  • Ell

    We’re is the free rubies button.
    Thank you

  • Ell

    Please advise.where is the free rubies button.a task want me to press it 3 times.thank you

  • Kadi

    I have the same message and I want a sloution

  • Margaret

    Does anyone know what you use the avatar for in your collection I can seem to find what it used for

  • Margaret

    My game was stuck in 99 level for some time then in the last fortnight it just started moving very slow but it is moving

  • Hennessey Mike

    Sent friend request via facebook… how do I become friends with this person once they download the game?

  • Anita M Endeman

    I need friends. Please add me.:)