Get Dungeon Hunter 3 for FREE

We have another early Christmas present for you gamers! Just in time for your holiday festivities, Dungeon Hunter 3 is out on the App Store! Get it FREE on the iPhone & iPad now or keep reading to find out more about this great new game…

Dungeon Hunter 3 has changed a bit since you last visited Gothicus. The latest game in the franchise is taking the leap to Freemium! Now you can play this innovative Action RPG for free and complete the entire game without paying a dime. Of course, you can choose a faster pace by buying exclusive items and upgrading your weapons, but that is each player’s individual choice.

Another big change is the move to an arena based game. Dungeon Hunter 3 takes the fundamental elements of a great hack ‘n slash game and combines them with an RPG! This new system allows players to revisit arenas at anytime and improve their scores. Hone your skills and improve your score or rush to the end, Dungeon Hunter 3 lets you decide! Plus, it has endless replay value with daily challenges, 16 arenas, and 4 different difficulty levels. You can also look forward to multiplayer mode coming in January through a free update. I for one can’t wait to challenge all my friends! :)

Dungeon Hunter 3 also has new enemies, classes, and attacks! Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2 only offered a few classes and all of them were male. Now, you can choose to be male OR female (I’m sure our lady gamers will appreciate that), and you can choose from 4 different classes: Warlord, Astromancer, Trickster or Shaman. I started out as a Warlord because of their superiority in melee combat against multiple enemies at once. Warlord’s can absorb plenty of damage and are also the only class that can use certain weapons and armor. But, currently I’m playing as the Trickster; his dexterity can make a huge difference in battle!

I think that true fans of the series are really going to love the changes in Dungeon Hunter 3! It combines the best parts of 1 & 2 and makes this Action RPG experience even more exciting. Face your destiny and enter the endless waltz of battle, victory and glory. Download Dungeon Hunter 3 for the iPhone & iPad today! And don’t worry Android fans, Dungeon Hunter 3 will be available for Android this January!

Hero, this is your time to conquer!