Game of the Week: Urban Crime

Are you ready to return to the dangerous streets of Miami? For this edition of Game of the Week, I wanted to tell you about a game that just released for iPhone & iPad. It’s only been out for a little over 24 hours, but I can tell you right now, I’m hooked! Not only does it have action-packed gameplay like our Gangstar series, but it’s also totally free & features new & unlimited missions with updates planned for the future! In Urban Crime, a spin-off of Miami Vindication, pick up where you left off and proclaim your gang the kings of Miami! Get Urban Crime FREE on iOS and keep reading to find out why I think it’s great…

Johnny Gainesville was a legendary gangster, but after he took out the gangs ruling the streets of Miami in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, he left the city in chaos. In the spin-off of Miami Vindication, Urban Crime, the city is left with two rival gangs jockeying for control. It’s your job to work your way up through the ranks to lead your gang to victory and restore order to the city. You’ll need to earn more than money, fame, & power… You’ll have to earn their RESPECT!

One of the great things about Urban Crime is that it is totally free to play! Try it for free and if you like it, you can complete the game without paying a dime. Of course you can always speed up the experience by spending actual money to unlock cooler cars or weapons, but you can enjoy the experience for free without missing a thing. There are other free games out there, but they don’t offer the kind of action-packed sandbox style gameplay & full 3D graphics that core gamers have come to expect from crime simulation games. Plus, Urban Crime has an endless variety of missions to get lost in. Enjoy everything from lose the tail, steal cars, take out your enemies, and save your fellow gang member. It’s the first of its kind on mobile devices and I for one, am really excited by the new game!

What do you think of Urban Crime? What is your favorite kind of mission? I’ve always been partial to joy riding around sandbox games wreaking havoc & running from the cops! So if you love sandbox style crime simulators like me, you should definitely give Urban Crime a try… Because what do you have to lose when it’s totally FREE! Try it out today for iPhone & iPad. And don’t forget to enter to win our Urban Crime contest! You could win some custom kicks just by coming up with the best diss! Get your “Yo Mama” jokes ready & enter now!

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