Playful Minds: Math

Put your noggin to the test in our brand new iOS game, Playful Minds: Math! Playful Minds is Gameloft’s first foray into educational games and I think parents will be pleased! It covers 3 grade levels: kindergarten, first, and second grade, and gives kids a fun way to learn mathematics. And for only $6.99 the first year & $0.99 for each additional year, it’s available at a great price. To sweeten the deal even more, you can get Playful Minds: Math for only $2.99 for a limited time! So start your children off on the right foot & get it on the iPhone & iPad today!

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Come to the island where learning is fun! Your children are going to love learning math from fun animal professors on a tropical island. Playful Minds: Math features 300 exercises to help your children learn math using the US & UK’s math curriculum. Plus, you can track their progress through 5 categories (numbers, measurements, data, algebra, & geometry) with progress reports. Playful Minds allows up to 5 different profiles, so your children can create their own avatar & study at their own pace. You can even customize each child’s experience by adjusting the difficulty!

If you think your child would love learning Math in a fun new way get Playful Minds: Math on the iPhone & iPad for a limited time at $2.99!

Note: Make sure you have a wifi connection when first starting up the game to create a parent profile. Once created, you no longer need a constant wifi connection to play.