The New Gameloft LIVE!

Are you a Gameloft LIVE! member? Than we have great news for you! We just updated our gaming network to be bigger and better than ever. We know you’ve been waiting and we’ve been listening! Download the Gameloft LIVE! app today for Android and see what we mean. And keep reading to get the skinny on this massive update to our gaming social network.

My favorite feature of the new Gameloft LIVE! is that I’m getting rewarded for playing great games! When you play Gameloft games and earn achievements, you will also earn XP in Gameloft LIVE… And what’s so cool about XP you ask? The XP you earn within the app can be used to customize your avatar, your clothes, & even your hub!

That’s right, now you can upgrade your avatar! Create your own 3D character from hundreds of customizable options, including everything from the hair on your head to the shoes on your feet. Afros to vampire fangs, we have a look for every gamer. The sky’s the limit!

And speaking of your hub, take a look at some of the fantastic locations we have created! From the beach to a spooky cemetery, now you have a whole new way of showing your style thanks to the immersive 3D environments. But, let’s backtrack a little. A hub is the location your avatar will live. You can choose from two free backgrounds (the beach & a swanky loft) or you can purchase a themed hub with the XP you earn from playing Gameloft games. Hubs aren’t just a static environment.. Click around the hub you choose to see your avatar do cool dance moves and reveal hidden goodies like a secret agent-style gun rack in the loft. Still not enough for you?  You can add cool accessories to your hub of choice. Make your hub express who you are!

So that’s enough about customization.. Let’s chat about another huge upgrade in Gameloft LIVE!: social features! Find your current friends and make new ones with Facebook connect. Plus, once you are already friends, it’s a breeze to jump into the new real time chat feature! Plan multiplayer bouts or just talk about your favorite Gameloft games, Gameloft LIVE! makes it easy to connect with people around the globe! Plus, compare gaming stats with your friends to see who is a “real” gamer!

LIVE! Launch Trailer

So get to it gamers, download Gameloft LIVE! for free from Android Market OR the Gameloft Shop today. And don’t worry iPhone & iPad users, an iOS version will be available soon…

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    Says it is not compatible with my device. I have a galaxy s4 . Will there be one available for galaxy s4?

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    Any chance that this will make it to Windows Phone?

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    What is the device compatibility?