Six Guns goes Steampunk!

Something futuristic is rolling into Six Guns on iPhone & iPad! If you haven’t already, be sure to update your game to play a more futuristic version of Six Guns! That’s right, Steampunk is coming to Six Guns!

If you aren’t in the know, Steampunk is a sub-genre of the sci-fi & occasionally horror genres, that brings futuristic elements to the past, more specifically the American Frontier where steam power was widely used. Think Sherlock Holmes, Jonah Hex, Sleepy Hollow, or the City of Lost Children if you are into foreign art-house films. Just image the amazing technology described by H.G. Wells or Jules Verne showing up in the wild west!

The new Steampunk update includes new missions, weapons, clothes, & even a new Steampunk inspired horse, the blazing fast “Black Shadow!” Plus, we’ve added a few bug fixes and optimazations to make Six Guns run better than ever. And if that isn’t enough, you will also get rewards in the form of free cash for sharing your progress through the game on Twitter and Facebook… And really, who doesn’t like free cash?

So saddle up for another wild ride through the past, but watch out for your neighborhood zombies, vampires, werewolves, witches and the rest of the creepy crawlies hiding in the American Frontier! Download Six Guns for iPhone & iPad today!

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  • sabruro

    What about the Windows 10, and Windows 8.1 Six Guns version, many players have it and are playing it, has no updates with new content or bug fixes, might be one but only to be able to play it on Windows 10 but no new content, many want it updated and fixed on some things, the rating is high on it but still with no support on it that much. I don’t get it they support other Windows 10 & 8.1 games but not all such as Six Guns, its disappointing since this was the only game I was stuck on playing. Well I hope Gameloft can answer why and not only answer but commit to their games since they haven’t said anything on this version of the game. Please update the game, and keep in touch with us Windows 10 & 8.1 users.