Meet Sharkee from Shark Dash!

Hi All! I recently had a chance to sit down with Sharkee to discuss his issues with rubber ducks, his lovely girlfriend Sally, and all about his adventures in bathtubs across the planet! If you have questions for Sharkee, you can ask him directly on his Facebook page

So what’s up with you and the ducks?

You know, before those guys showed up life in the tub was a breeze. Now I can barely get around with all the sponges and warp tubes and junk cluttering up the place. And I think they’re the ones putting those exploding mines everywhere. C’mon guys, those things hurt! The ducks can be a real pain in my dorsal fin.

Tell us about Sally. How did you meet? Why is she “the one,” as they say?
My sweet Sally? Well, you just take one look into those deep blue watery eyes and how can you not fall nose over fin for her? I don’t know why anyone would want to kidnap such a sweet sea creature! She wouldn’t hurt an amoeba much less those batty rubber ducks… You know they just aren’t right in the head. That kind of wackiness isn’t something you just develop over night. I won’t rest until she is back home safe, and my pals have my back on that one. Don’t fret Sally, I’m comin’ for you girl!

What do you think is “out there?” You know, outside of the tub?
Oh boy, I don’t really know. I just know I don’t want to go over that edge. It’s always a little scary jumping around near the edge. But personally, I believe there are an infinite number of bathtubs “out there”, with an infinite number of possibilities. There could be other bath toys, different kinds of faucets, who knows? I call this, the “multi-tub-verse” theory. It’s pretty complicated, you probably wouldn’t understand.

What’s your biggest fear?
Well those floating mines have definitely moved up the list recently. Did I mention how much they hurt? And that dark hole at the bottom of the tub… I’ve heard stories about the plug coming loose and unsuspecting bath toys getting sucked into the darkness. I sure hope they are just stories though! But honestly, my biggest fear is never seeing my beloved Sally again.

What’s it like having a twin brother? You and Scuby seem to be as different as can be.
I’m lucky to have a lot of brave shark buddies helping me save Sally from these crazy ducks, but nobody has my back like my bro Scuby. I know he seems like a bubble-head sometimes, but that’s just cause he is so dang smart! His brain is ticking away way faster than mine, I’ll tell you! His calming influence is something I often need after a long day in the bath. But like all my pals, Scuby has a special ability that is a big help to me, and I probably couldn’t save Sally without him. You’re my boy, Scube!

Tell us about the rest of your pals! We hear you have a lot of shark friends that are helping you out in your search for Sally…
I have such good friends! Sawy and Hammy have always had my back and now, with this thing with the ducks, I really rely on them. Sawy is a little impulsize sometimes, but without him those ducks would have me by the gills. And Hammy… What isn’t there to like about that guy?! He is both brainy and brave.


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