Civil War Feared In Wake of President Folsom’s Death

Civil War Feared In Wake of President Folsom’s Death

Above: President Folsom

Ceremonies are planned this week to mourn President Folsom’s untimely death, including several protests both in support and against the late president. Details surrounding Folsom’s death are still scarce but unnamed sources claim that the president was assassinated by a rogue militant, with some even suggesting that the killer was a member of the N.O.V.A Troops.

In response to the political turmoil, the government has put the colonies under Volterite protectorate fearing civil war between the members of the colonies loyal to the Volterite and the other rebel colonies.

“The colonies are of course deeply saddened by the death of our dear President, but we will move forward, united,” said a presidential official.

We attempted to contact a N.O.V.A spokesperson for comment, but have not heard back at time of publishing. More announcements are expected shortly.

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