Modern Combat 3 Tournaments on MLG

Did you know you can get paid for playing Gameloft games? Well now you know! You can win cash prizes for playing Modern Combat 3 by just linking your Gameloft Live handle to MLG. Well, then of course you have to not suck at the game, but that’s another story. Link your account here to get started:

Anyone can compete. iOS, Android, Xperia PLAY…if you have a device that can play MC3, you can win. The current competition has a grand prize of $1,000 cash. You also win the awesome bragging rights as an MC3 champion and winner of the first ever mobile MLG competitions.

To celebrate the launch Gameloft, MLG and Sony Mobile held a shindig in Manhattan last week. Check out the shots below. If only I could win cash prizes for shooting awesome photographs…

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