American Settler Memorial Day Update

Memorial Day is just around the corner and our settlers are rip-roaring and ready to go! Get yours in the spirit too, update The Oregon Trail: American Settler on your iPhone, iPad, & Android devices to enjoy tons of patriotic new content!

There’s GOLD in them thar hills
Get prospecting settlers! You could hit it big by discovering gold, and other awesome prizes on your land. Just place the “prospecting wagon” in your rustic village and start mining. Choose what kind of dynamite you want to use, and watch the rewards roll in. Be sure to do a little bit everyday and if you’re too impatient to wait you can buy bigger packs of dynamite to really rake in the dough. So hunker down and start reaping the rewards of this awesome new item! Pick it up in the store after updating your game.

We’ve hit the Motherlode
And for those of you who love to decorate and expand your frontier towns with flowers, buildings, and new animals, we have new goodies galore! The politicians have arrived and they brought a campaign office, podium, and Mayoral mansion. Be sure to complete the new quests and add them to your town. Plus, there are cute new baby animals…. How can you say no to baby animals? So head to the shop and add a piglet or two to your bustling settlement. And enjoy the new calf, bald eagle & its nest, and a patriotic Yorkie. Why is it patriotic? Who knows, he just is!

Get to it settlers! Update The Oregon Trail: American Settler on iPhone, iPad, & Android today to start enjoying these great new items. And have a very happy Memorial Day!


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