Order & Chaos Developer Interview

You asked and we answered! We’ve been compiling your questions throughout Order & Chaos: Online’s first year live and we got the answers straight from the producer, Arnaud Bonnard. Did we answer yours? Let us know in the comments and keep checking back for more great content in honor of the 1 Year Anniversary!

What were the hardest parts of making Order & Chaos: Online? Was there anything your team struggled to accomplish?
It depends on the development period. During the core development, there were 2 main issues. First we had to create an entire world with so much content that it would keep people hooked for months, now years! We knew how to do it, but just the scope was impressive. And our second struggle was, of course, getting it technically as flawless as possible in terms of server capacity, of security, and of general stability. We as a company were new to the MMO market and we had to learn a lot!

One year later, we’re still the clear iOS and Android MMORPG leader! Now the challenge is different: we have tons of ideas to add content to the game, on top of the player requested content. We obviously can’t create everything so we have to rework the priorities to ensure the best possible experience for our players.

What are the most exciting/fun aspects of creating a new game? (Coming up with a concept, seeing it come to life, watching it succeed?)
On this game, the most intense moment was launch day! We worked for so long on the game and there were so many challenges that when it went live for real and we saw lots of real players enjoying the game, it was really intense and satisfying! We get that same feeling every time we release an update. We have BIG content updates coming; I hope it will please our players!
Can you speak a little bit about the success of the game? What were the highs and lows?
The biggest success has been creating an amazing MMO! If your game isn’t cool, it won’t last. But Order & Chaos: Online is now entering its 2nd year! Our fan base is strong, the game universe is big, and it just keeps growing with new updates, giving Order & Chaos: Online the three main ingredients to keeping players engaged! But we still have challenges. We think about spam, gold farming, etc., issues that impact any MMO. We had to set up technical processes and customer support to reduce them.

How do you decide when to add new DLC & missions to a game?
Well, as you may have seen, we work hard to have new content very regularly. Between 1 and 2 months. I obviously can’t give too much detail on our future schedules, but we normally schedule 1 or 2 normal updates for new content, and then a bigger update comes with new content and new features. So we can maintain both a cool rhythm in production & for the players. The new elements are decided that way.
For Order & Chaos specifically, where do you get the ideas for new dungeons? From fans, writers, brainstorming?
Most of it comes from our original design document, because the world planned for Order & Chaos: Online is much bigger than the current one you’re playing. ;) There are already a lot of ideas in planning! Of course, we also check the official forum and posts on Facebook to see what’s expected by the community.

Why are the servers not linked on iOS, Android, & Mac? Are there plans to merge the servers?
There are 2 main obstacles that make linking servers very difficult to maintain. First of all, the operating systems themselves are different, which means there is adaptation to do. It’s not the hardest part, but it takes time which could have been used for something else, like creating new content. Second and the real issue is that linking the servers limits our ability to deliver new content and fix bugs quickly. If anything happens, and believe me it does on a MMO, you can’t release updates until they’re ready on ALL supported device. Otherwise some players wouldn’t be able to play the game while the updates and fixes are out of sync. Keeping everything synced across all devices is a major challenge.

For example, imagine we find a bug on the iOS version that requires a quick fix. We can’t fix it until it has been added to EVERY Android device. There are many hundreds of them. So what could be a quick fix turns into big delays and the player won’t be satisfied with their gaming experience. That’s mainly why we don’t “over-merge.” It might frustrate some players, but it ensures a smoother gaming experience for our players.

Why is it not available for the Asus Transformer Prime?

It is! It was just released for the TF101 and the TF201 on Google Play!

Will we ever release Order & Chaos on PC?
A stand-alone application you mean? I’m not aware of that for now. :)

Are there any tips or tricks that might help players level up faster?
Well it’s not original, but it’s a key in any MMO -> play together. Find friends to play with, it will be both more fun & more efficient.

Where do you think Order & Chaos is going in the future?
We’re working hard to bring more content to ensure O&C remains the richest mobile MMO. We’re also adding new graphic features, so that it continues to look cool on the latest devices. And we still have lots of ideas for the game and the community is still very active. We’re looking forward to another great year in Haradon!

Stay tuned for more Order & Chaos: Online goodies in honor of the 1 Year Anniversary.. You wont be disappointed! And if you haven’t experienced the epic MMORPG for yourself, get it at only $0.99 this weekend on the Apple App Store!

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