6 Tips to Make Your Animals Go Nuts in Ice Age Village: Part 1

Scrat’s hunt for his favorite acorn has opened a crack in the Earth’s crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. So it’s Manny, Ellie, Diego, and Sid to the rescue! Help the herd regroup and rebuild their vibrant community in Ice Age Village available for free on iPhone, iPad, & Android. You can even play on the “Kindle Fire” by visiting the Amazon AppStore.

And for those of you already playing, we put together a list of the best tips and tricks in Ice Age Village. When it comes to IAV, it’s all about the acorns. So start stock piling them with these great tips and make your village the baddest in town:

Playing with friends is better!

Invite your friends to play & make new ones on the Ice Age Village forums. Once they’ve gotten started, you can stop by their towns and “like” their handy-work daily. You will give them reputation points and goodies just by saying you think their village is awesome! And as their reputation gets better, their gifts get better too.  ;)

You can also leave them special gifts including coins and acorns. And don’t forget to watch out for Scrat while you’re visiting. If you catch him, he will give you extra coins every day.

To the North!
As your village grows you will need to expand. Try to get expansions that have decorations, so you can use them in your town.  Big decorations like “Scrat in Ice” or a “Fire King Scrat,” will give your families a great bonus!

If you don’t have enough coins or acorns to get an expansion, but you’re still out of space, you can put away the families/fun stuff that give you the least coins and replace them with better ones. This will help you get more coins to expand. You can always replace the items later. They’re stored in your Inventory in “Collections.”

Pretty and rich ..Pretty rich?

Speaking of decorations, placing them throughout your village will make your village look awesome, and also give your animal families & buildings a coin bonus.  Try to place your best decorations (we recommend the Carnivorous Flower) near the families that cash out the most. You’ll be racking in coins in no time!

Wait, where’s the last 3 tips?! Don’t worry, check back tomorrow for the rest of our awesome tips and tricks! I think your animals can wait 24 hours… No? They can’t wait? Well, fine, HERE are the last three tips. I hope you’re happy! ;)



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  • Susanna

    I am at level 20 but, although it is unlocked, I can’t place my hyrax tree. Can anybody help please?

  • Jessica S.

    Stuck at level 20 on the Fire TV it has the screen open to select the hyrax tree I can not move from this screen. the background music still plays and the arrow flashes so itsn’t completely frozen but I can’t move from that screen or select anything. My baby is going to disappear and money wasted. This game is very addicting but I am very disappointed.

  • Nicole S

    I am playing on the Fire TV edition too and I am also stuck. It froze when it wants me to goto scrats village to collect from his hyrax tree just like you said. I was able to unplug the Amazon box and plug it back in and then it let me play in my village again, however, everytime I try to play in other villages it makes me goto scrats village to collect from the hyrax tree and I cant because it freezes. I can hear the music and the arrow is moving but there is no pointer hand and it doesn’t let me do anything unless I unplug and plug it back in again and then I am only allowed to play in my village… I like the game a lot. Wish I could play it the way it’s meant to be played. I will probably lose interest soon since it’s such a hassle to play (unplugging and plugging in again).

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