Let out your inner diva in Fashion Icon!

It’s your first day in Paris and you’re already set to dazzle the fashion world with your fabulous style skills! Time to live out your dreams in the new social game, Fashion Icon, now available for free on iPhone, iPad, & Android. Hit the streets of the fashion capital of the world and create your own style with designer clothes from the dozens of chic boutiques. Create your dream outfits, start your own fashion blog, and show your rivals you’re a diva to be reckoned with, in Fashion Icon!

Me, Myself and I

Personalization is a major feature of Fashion Icon, so be prepared to change your look, starting with the color of your eyes, to the shape of your lips. And have fun with it! As you level up, get a chic new hairdo and discover the wonders of a new ‘do! You might even earn style points for it!

New Girl at the Party
Fashion Icon brings the party to a whole new level, as you’ll earn experience by going to events and showing off your outfit in style battles. Every girl’s got to know that fashion isn’t just about clothes, it’s also how you strike a pose. So prepare you best smile, and grab some tricks up your sleeve. The world of fashion is a competitive place, and rivals soon show up to challenge you. Luckily, you’re not afraid of these wannabes, and every success brings you and your blog new fame!

What To Wear… What to wear?!

One of the things I loved the most about the game was the fact that the outfits were very versatile, with more than 1000 pieces of clothing available! You’ll never get bored searching the racks at your favorite boutiques again! ;) Even cooler, whatever the season or trend, you’ll find an outfit to match! Search the racks and find some of this summer’s hottest fashion items: maxi dresses, peplums, mandarin orange heels… You name it; it’s all there!

Chat’em Up

Without admirers, there would be no “icons,” so get ready to turn some heads and start flirting. See if you can snag a real catch, because your BF’s cheer will boost your confidence. Your +1 might even give you a present or two if you’re lucky! Isn’t that something?

But remember not to hog the conversation. Pay attention to what your man likes and try to bring up his interests. Who knows, maybe it’ll be true love… If not, at least you’re going to have a great time!

Snag Your Dream Job

Hooked on all the latest trends? Decked out in neon and all the hippest fads? Why not use your fashion sense to make you some moola… you know… cold hard cash! Earn extra coins in Fashion Icon by writing about the Paris fashion scene. Work your way to the top of the blogosphere by creating and writing on your blog daily. And you might even be able to sneak a little celeb gossip on there to make a real name for yourself! So get typing, you’ll be a star in no time! :)

A Truly Fashionable Friendship

Aaah…Paris.. The best place on Earth for friends to have fun with fashion! Invite some of your best (& most fashionable) friends to join you in your quest to be the ultimate fashionista in a town filled with real fashion aficionados. You can follow your friend’s fashion faux pas and Parisian adventures on their style blogs and send each other special gifts… You’re going to have a blast! And if you’re in need of more fashion-y friends, you can post your Gameloft LIVE! ID on our official Fashion Icon forums here. Cause everyone can use more friends!

And for those divas already playing, here’s a little tip for you: layer, layer, layer! Use a combination of jackets and tops to maximize your style points. Plus, don’t miss our super fashionable Fashion Icon Giveaway! Upload a photo of your most fashionable outfit for a chance to win a 64GB iPod Touch! Enter now & keep an eye on our Fashion Icon Facebook page, for more tips, news, & contests!

Have fun, girls!




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