N.O.V.A. 3 Developer Q&A

You had questions, well here are the FULL answers courtesy of the Development Team!

In case you missed it, the Apple App Store asked you for your N.O.V.A. 3 questions and we’ve answered them. Take a behind the scenes look at the development of this hit iOS & Android title & let us know if we answered your burning questions. If we missed yours, be sure to let us know in the comments. Enjoy! :)

From Shaan: What does “N.O.V.A.” stand for?
It stands for “Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance.” In the N.O.V.A. franchise, Earth can no longer sustain human life. As a species, we were forced to move to huge near orbit complexes or, in layman’s terms, man made structures orbiting the earth and other planets. The Vanguard Alliance governs these complexes.

From Jacob: How did you come up with the idea for “N.O.V.A?”
This is goes back to the early days of the iPhone! At the time, there were very few first-person shooters available on the App Store and they all had bad controls & ergonomics (at least according to me). While we were working on Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes, our third-person shooter, we created a new way to play on mobile devices: the now famous “d-pad + action button + cam to move.”

We decided to use this new control scheme to create our favorite types of games, first-person shooters, and bring an entirely new experience to iOS gaming. From there we decided to go with two different types of games, a contemporary military shooter (Modern Combat) and a futuristic one (N.O.V.A.).

From Anonymous: Who is your favorite character/level/etc.?
I really like our new Kal Wardin design, his armor evolution is really cool! I also like the new jetpack enemies & the tension the Skull Crushers create when they appear in small places.

My favorite level is Boreas. The sandstorm (and the level in general) is visually stunning & really shows how games on iOS have progressed.

From Paulo: What programming language was it built in?
Answer: The game was built in C++ & Objective-C

From Anonymous: How many developers worked on N.O.V.A. 3?
Our core team (developers, artists, & game designers) is about 50 people. And of course, a lot of other people helped shape the direction and content of N.O.V.A. 3 including: the sound designers & voice actors, QA testers, localization teams, ect. You can see a detailed list in the About section of the game. :)

From Leo: How many hours did it take to develop?
It took about a year for our team to develop.

From Aaron: Should I finish N.O.V.A. 2 before starting 3?
It’s always interesting to know the back-story of a game, but we developed N.O.V.A. 3 to have its own plot so that you can start the series without being lost.

From Anonymous: Any tips & tricks?
Use the special powers! Also, look out for weapon stashes that will help you in battle.

From Anonymous: Do you have any fun inside stories about the game?
Well, its not really an inside story, but I always like to go back and look at the early screenshots of the game. It’s exciting to see the game’s progression from greybox or basic textures to a fully realized experience. I’m always blown away by the difference! Here is a great example of an early level vs. the finished version of the game.

Early version of N.O.V.A. 3

Finished version of N.O.V.A. 3



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  • Alex Trieu

    Can’t login says requested time out and I have great wi-fi you must fix this or 3 stars for the game

  • Logan Farrell

    For all having issues connecting to MP on the android variant of the game, simply back out and delete your password in the password section and reenter it. It’s not convenient, but it works.

  • Youssef

    I Want N.O.V.A. 3 For Free , Only 1 Week !

  • Nate

    What’s the firewall port

  • aditi patnaik

    when i m playing nova3…. in the middle it stops working and my phone swiches off…. what shld i do???

  • Suzanne Penney Calder

    Same here and my little boy is driving me crazy over this! He thinks mom can fix everything but I cannot fix this myself! I hate this game.

  • Suzanne Penney Calder

    Why does this game always come up with a Request Timed Out message? We are connected to the wifi and this only happens with this game.

  • jalal

    i install the game in my huawei g610 .when i want to start first level game stay on loading page!

  • XeminasXL

    Because android is stupid

  • Ejaz Ahmed

    i have download nova 3 full data+apk i installed it on my device..when i start it it keeps popping up with a bar checking required file and installing repeats it many time..bbut game isn’t working help me out guys

  • Jaydon

    How do I change my username if I forgot it

  • Aditya

    When I play level 3 the game crashes ……. help me….pleaseeee……………………

  • christo2610

    me too

  • jobob

    i have a problem with nova 3… I was on a level and i aciidentally clicked restart level. I then went back to the very begnning of the game. Please help!!1

  • Naman Yash

    Hey please tell me if i can connect with my friends who use android phones in multiplayer local play.
    I use iPhone 5s.


    the time out situation has been going on for years….. I think its time to complain to apple once they know that N.O.V.A 3 is faulty I’m sure they will not stand for GAMELOFTS lack of action

  • Eric Chan

    how can I transfer my Nova 3 game progress to my new phone?

  • Anonymous

    How to accept a friend request

  • kal el

    For that uninstall the game and reinstall it the you login

  • kal el

    Uninstall it and reinstall it then login on email and I’d , password

  • kal el

    Uninstall it reinstall it then login in with email then login in with I’d then password

  • anuragjha97

    Help!!! I lost my nova 3 account! ! I was on level 75 on multilayer ! Next morning I woke up everything was gone! Have to start it again from level 1..please anyone HELP ME TO RECOVER MY ACCOUNT

  • tyranis760

    Do you ever plan on making a fourth near orbit vanguard alliance game?

  • henry Sing

    hey guys how do i put my game on gl live i am level 39 and i dont want to loose this.

  • henry Sing

    android is better than ios

  • surrack

    when is the next tourney

  • Vaibhav Mehra

    Hey i had an account in my other phone ..now i want it in my current phone..whenever i do it i appears account already exists ………..plz plz help me out..

  • Vaibhav Mehra

    Plz help me out…

  • mxspartan18

    Does anyone know how to get back CAMPAIN progress back after reinstalling the game onto another phone or do you have to start all over. Thanks

  • SkillerV2

    Can someone help when I try to play draw nick to log in it says it is or banned or it has found offensive word
    Sorry for my bad English I am from Balkan

  • Adad 2derm

    A few things I would like to ask. On the freedom edition for Android, how does one go about removing the 30 fps cap and turn of the super high graphics settings because all this does is make the game unplayable because of lag in online multiplayer. On IOS (especially with those new IOS 8+ devices) you can have 12 players in a game and your device will run at constant 60 fps (never lag once). However on android this appears to be impossible? Also on the paid version for android the buttons are so small that it is (at times) unplayable. I would really appreciate it if GameLoft could be bothered to make the android experience closer to IOS and stop banning players who preform outstandingly well in either platform.

  • Mohammed Fahad

    Well the game is too big for reinstalling😕

  • Archellus

    NOVA 3 freedom edition not installing on my verizon note 4 any solution for this???

  • Archellus

    nova 3 freedom edition not installing on my verizon note 4 any solution for this???

  • Some one

    I can’t play online i don’t know what the proplem is help me to fixed

  • TinMoeWinWin


  • Iqwan Ibrahim

    I was playing this game before. And delete it for almost 2 years. And today i install it back. But when i log in to multiplayer. All my weapon that i purchase and jetpack has gone. How do i get it back. Help me

  • shoaibr

    there is another way
    first go to wifi networks and forget the wifi(dont close nova)
    then connect to wifi again and go to nova and use multiplayerretry 5 times

  • James

    I am playing n.o.v.a. 3 on my rca tablet I am having a problem with it saving so every time I turn off my tablet I have to start over how can I fix this?

  • James

    I am playing nova 3 on my rca tablet i cant save for some reason so everytime i turn off the game i have to start over how can i fix this?

  • Abu Sayem

    Nope… I just installed the game to play the multiplayer again. But I still get that “Time out” message. But somehow, I’ve received back my weapons and gold that I used to have. So please help…

  • sai kiran

    Please help me! Im in level 57. Few months ago when I installed nova 3, I started playing multiplayer by just clicking new player. I have not logged into it by using username and password. But now I formatted my device. Again I installed nova 3. Im not able to play with previous username. I have my name through which I started. But I don’t have a password now. So how can I retrive my username. Im trying from a week. Please help me….. :( :( :( :(

  • Muse

    Can I have nova 3 account ferr????????

  • Rohan

    What do u use to jack

  • victomant

    Hey there..!
    Can anyone help me out about this..?
    Screen becomes inactive in multiplayer mode after dying, it will not revive itself. But the game goes on but i cant play it. Everytime i have to quit the game and then again go through the same damn thing 😒

  • Musfiq

    WheWhen I open the game, loading screenscreen appearss and game crushed… any solution???

  • Applehead8907

    Hey guys so I got the free version of nova 3 and I loved it so much! I am a level 51 and really good. But I have 1 problem, I really loved the game and I wanted to help out the decs so I bought it, but the problem is when I log onto the paid nova 3 with my game loft live account I start at level 1, why can’t I start at the level i start from the level I am on the free version, please help me.

  • A normal commenter

    In my freedom version,every 2nd or 1st video I watch for gold it says ‘video not available ‘ and that pisses me off because it’s like”WOW IM ABOUT TO GET 1000!” Then your hopes drop and another thing that annoys me is how when I’m simply playing nova 3 this level 58 comes along kills me with op items,what I think is you should add this feature where you fight people your own level but you still have a choice of battling high level people with the reward huge.

  • Another commenter

    Yeah I bet they put that in the coding