Google+ 1 Million Followers Strong

It’s official! We are 1 Million Followers Strong on Google+!

And to celebrate we wanted to give back to our fans across the globe with a little giveaway.. And what would Google+ers want the more than anything? Well a Google tablet of course! That’s right, we’re giving away a 16GB Nexus 7 to one of our lucky (& wonderful) fans!

How do you enter you ask? Well, just scroll down and fill out our entry form below with your name & email, oh and don’t forget to Circle Us if you aren’t already! ;) Then hit submit and you are good to go. What could be easier?! Nothin! So get to it, good luck, & thank you from all your friends at Gameloft!

This contest has ended. Thank you for participating!

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  • sahan

    gud luck…..

  • MaRiN


  • Jerses

    Nice giveaway…also awesome games :P

  • Stephen Lee

    I love Gameloft games…but, a tablet would make them so much easier to play on!!

  • Jholyster

    Good Luck 4 All…! and Gameloft "The Best"

  • patrick antwI


  • German

    Nice one!

  • hf


  • Lu Ping


  • Dawn Young


  • Motebang elias Boloetse

    Oopz i like gameloft

  • Marsha Crom

    Cute ..for monsters.

  • shajahan

    Wonderful contest. I’ve been waiting to get a Nexus 7

  • Mohammed Osama

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • yikkhin

    On all game iphone4 free

  • Tasick

    Good Luck !

  • karim

    ;) good luck to all

  • santosh dware

    Its so grt

  • TrackK

    the contest ended…who won then ?

  • noel silva

    i really hope i can win the nexus 7

  • Atul Tanwar

    AwesoME xD

  • TrackK

    i want one too plz i cant buy cause in my country there r duties n taxes which makes it more expensive so i need to win

  • Chris pinkney

    Who won?

  • Grégoire

    GL :)