Gameloft at The Con… Comic-Con that is!

Ahhh.. Comic-Con is upon us again and we’re ready for the madness to begin! ^.^ Are you at The Con? Wondering where you can find Gameloft in the spread? Two words for you bats & ponies!

If you want to catch a glimpse of the only game based on The Dark Knight Rises, head over to the DC booth to watch an exclusive trailer, then hit the interwebs and see if you can unlock more exclusive content on our dedicated Facebook tab. We think there might be something hidden over HERE.

And if ponies are more your thing, hit up the Hasbro booth to immerse yourself in everything My Little Pony! If you haven’t been following Equestria Daily (have you been hidding under a rock?) we are working away on a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game for iPhone, iPad, & Android!

But that’s not all.. Hasbro & IDW announced a Friendship is Magic comic series at this morning MLP panel, which has sent pony-loving hearts a-flutter across the net. The wonderful, magical, and totally friendship-y series will be launching this November. You can read all about it and thank Celestia for answering your prayers at Comics Alliance

But what about the SDCC Booth you ask? Well, you can snag tons of cool ponies exclusively at the Hasbro booth and while your there, be sure to enter our My Little Pony Sweepstakes or hit up the ONLINE sweepstakes page. We’re giving away an iPad customized with some of your favorite characters from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series! So be sure to stop by the booth or the contest page for a chance to enter.

Isn’t is magical? Enter now!



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  • Yohan Ty

    Waiting for another Comic-con!