My Little Pony Sweepstakes

Its that time of the year again! The Con is in full swing, Comic-Con that is, and we are celebrating with something a little bit different, something a little magical….

To get the party really started, we’re giving away this custom iPad featuring some of our favorite (and yours too) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters! Think it should be yours? Just fill out the sweepstakes form below for your chance to win it!

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  • Zack

    when are the winners going to be announced?

  • Kristin Roe

    Well… I'm curious… this ended on the 15th on July… so why is the entry still open? It even sent my entry in. If it's over, they shouldn't have it up, or they should have another iPad to give away. I'm not sure if it's considered false advertisement or not… because there is not a start of end date on here… it's in the rules… which most people don't even look at.

  • Dude_Wheres_My_Phone

    Oh, wow. This would make a great gift for my-
    No, just kidding. I'm entering for myself, but all those gift comments made me feel a bit guilty. XD

  • Michelle

    Hi Kristin, the form is still working, but we are no longer accepting entries. Sorry for any confusion. :]

  • Michelle

    Hi Zack, the winner will be announced soon! :)

  • Taco234

    Good I was getting worried…
    not to mention I almost forgot….good thing I bookmarked it.

  • Taco234

    How soon exactly?

  • Taco234

    Will we receive an email on who won? or will it be announced here… (sorry i can't read the rules on this computer…)(its terrible)

  • noelia lara

    are we gona recive the ipad from email or you are going to bring it the person that won ? :p

  • Taco234

    WHO WON!!???!?!?!?!

  • Turtles22

    Seriously, who won?

  • Taco234

    I'm now checking everyday…
    who won the contest…
    p.s. are you reading these comments daily?

  • Taco234

    Are they making the designs on it?
    Cause I remember them asking for our favorite ponies…

  • Taco234


  • taco234

    so this is dead…
    I will mourn it's death

  • Proud Brony

    So awesome! /)(^.^)(\

  • Anonymous

    i hope i win

  • pwid99

    my little pony is so cool

  • anonymous

    I received an email that I won 2/18/13. I responded with info they requested. I sent another email a couple days ago asking when I should be receiving it in case it got lost in the mail or something and am still waiting for a response. I hope this not a scam.

  • anonymous

    Not a scam! I received a response and can't wait to see it.

  • Rainbow Dash

    Hope I WIN!!!!

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