Jawesome Shark Week Update in Shark Dash

Shark Week is the best week of the year, fins down. For an entire week every year, sharks take over televisions across the nation. Not only do we get incredible footage of Sharks jumping, attacking and biting, we also get Jawesome puns…like Jawesome.

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, and Discovery is celebrating the milestone with one of our favorite games, Shark Dash!

Starting today, and lasting until the end of Shark Week 2012, users can contribute to shark conservation through new exclusive content made available in Shark Dash. By equipping Sharkee with the new “Fintastic” upgrade, you can help Sharkee save his darling Sally from the mean-spirited ducks, while also helping save Sharks from extinction. Best of all, we’ve made the game free for a limited time!

Get excited for Shark Week 2012 & download Shark Dash today!


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