The Dark Knight Rises

The bat is back and ready to take on one of his beefiest baddies ever, Bane, on the big screen! The Dark Knight Rises is the must see movie of the summer (if not the year) and the only place you’re going to find a game inspired by the epic end to the series is right here. So go see Batman, Bane, Catwoman, and all the rest (no spoilers here folks!), then play DKR on your iPhone, iPad, and Android!


What’s so great about Batman? Besides everything you mean? Well, what has always set the Caped Crusader apart from his fellow super heroes is that he is just a regular guy (with a boat load of cash of course). But without any superpowers, this hero really is extraordinary! Instead of relying on a genetic abnormality or being from another world entirely, Batman uses his smarts, and of course the R&D department of Wayne Enterprises, to create some really fantastic gadgets!

In Dark Knight Rises: The Game you’ll have access to the Bat’s complete arsenal including the Batarang, Kevlar utility harness, grapple gun, and of course the epic Bat-Pod, originally spotted in The Dark Knight. You might even find “The Bat,” the newest vehicle revealed by Lucius Fox in Dark Knight Rises!


And speaking of our favorite cranky R&D department head, you’ll find Fox/Morgan Freeman’s likeness within the game, plus the ever enchanting (and a little catty) Selena Kyle, Commissioner Gordon, Arthur, and of course the Bat himself, Bruce Wayne!


And if the story, gadgets, and characters aren’t enough to convince you to give Dark Knight Rises a try, the action and combat might just be the ticket! Take down the criminal forces invading Gotham City with a varied combat system plus exciting cinematics. And just to keep things interesting, you can also collect items hidden across the city to unlock new fighting skills!


With dozens of missions, random events, and gameplay inspired by the epic film, you’ll be feeling like a superhero in no time! Rescue hostages, fight inmates trying to escape from prison, speed through Gotham in a high speed chase or two, and even take on the imposing Bane to prove that you are the true protect of of Gotham City!


So what are you waiting for? Start fighting crime as the Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight Rises, now available on iPhone, iPad, and Android!

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  • ankitverma


  • Tjay

    u guys are wonderful, i love your graphics and the games but my problem is in Nigeria, some of this games are not available only on net and when on the net i cant access it, even the free one's are not even free as you guys say the are.

  • jerome

    i like

  • fares ahmed elshrbiny mohamed elalfy

    pleas i want to download games the dark knight rises free becuse i want play it

  • alishedied

    best game

  • maheshwar

    nice game

  • shiva krishna


  • محمود دسوقى

    هزة الالعاب جميلة جدا اشكركم على لعبة batman

  • محمود دسوقى

    موقع جميل شكرا يسادة يا كرام

  • abubkar


  • Jenny gomez

    El amor me gusta

  • iDuhast

    I have so many bags.

  • ibrahemazl


  • viie aljay

    good game but if only we can download for free.

  • ARESCO 1

    when i start play game and realize that this webside is the one produce the fine game and most grateful game from that time i like the gameloft in my life

  • Navin

    when Mobile gaming looks this badass, am certain Gameloft will kill PC gaming one day

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  • Joe

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The graphics are amazing and so are batman’s fighting moves

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  • Juan

    Can you make the game 99 cents during the weekend

  • Matteo Marinelli

    android version after update don’t load first mission. please fix this bug. i have purchased the game for not playing yet

  • Sara

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing such issues!

    You’ll need to go on our Support website and you can

    check our FAQ page of the site and find a solution to your issue.

    If your issue isn’t described in there, you can fill a form that would be sent to the Customer Care Team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • Roy Copeland

    ok i downloaded tdkr for android galaxy s4, it looks good,plays well (not with moga).But i have one major complaint the size of the game is almost 2 gigs and AND I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL ABOUT HOW STORAGE IS HANDLED ON THIS GAME. IT HAS ONLY ALLOWED ME TO STORE 312KB ON MY STORAGE SD CARD THIS IS A NOTHING.most games i have allow me to move up 90-95% of game data to sd card. like a 145mb game 140 going to sd. or a 1 gig game 850mb to sd. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!!! this one game is taking up a huge percentage of my phones total storage,the result is i dont have enough storage to buy the spiderman game you make(and this storage issue make me second guess whether i want to)my phone was 2 weeks old when i got tdkr and now have to delete othe games to download anything.i have a ton of storage on my sd card. and this is all for a game i am not even sure if i like. so far thor and avengers initiative seem better to me.also think $5 is about right for this one.

  • Roy Copeland

    i have money on my playstore account but can not buy spiderman do to storage issues, if i delete tdkr can i download it from playstore without paying again? after playing think i would rather play spiderman first. and as for mega left stick does not work well with my gameloft games six guns and tdkr


    I cant exit the bat

  • jerry

    I have batman the dark knight rises for a mobile phone game. I can’t figure how to defeat bane at the end of the game. can anyone tell me how? I’m about to give up. you can reach me at

  • Allyen

    dont working on xperia z1 :(

  • Hardware Developer

    make new update for the game there is a lot of bugs in the game i cant continue the game with those bugs