I Love DH3, And You Can Too – Now With Multiplayer Mode

When we received the final build of DH3 late last year I got really addicted. Unlike many of you I never played Dungeon Hunter 1 or 2. I’d never really played any games in the dungeon crawler genre. Just wasn’t my thing.

But DH3 was a different story. Whether because I’m working at Gameloft or because this version was free-to-play, I  jumped in and got really hooked. I mean, I was secretly playing the game at my desk and playing during breakfast. It was a major addiction.

Then the game came out…and there was some backlash from fans of the previous games. The criticisms caught me off guard. Some people claimed that leveling system required too much grinding, but I’d been playing for weeks, earning every upgrade by playing and loving every minute. My only complaint was that the multiplayer was delayed post-launch. And now it’s here on both iOS and Android.

Ultimately, I think this was a case of unmanaged expectations. We have fans who love Dungeon Hunter, and who had specific expectations for DH3. They were disappointed to see the series change. Trust me, we got the message.

But I don’t think many of you fully understood ours: Despite this game being a departure from the previous versions, the game is GOOD. I challenge you to find another wave based arena game on iOS or Android that holds a candle to DH3. Seriously, post them in the comments, cause I’d love to check them out.

Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and grab the best multiplayer mode available on mobile devices. Free to download links below. Post your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Robinson

    Intersting, but I wonder if I will ever able to play this game, since it is not compatible with my Transformer Prime :S

  • cheradenineZ

    I wasn't a fan of DH3 since it was more arena based and felt like basically an exercise in pointless grinding. I loved 2 and even after getting past the idea that 3 was a different kettle of fish altogether, it still just didn't do it for me.

    However, after downloading the MP upgrade last night, that's all about to change.

    Played a number of Co op games and it was superb. I had other players helping me on levels I've been stuck on, managed to level up a few times, and had a blast.

    Welcome back into my life, Dungeon Hunter.

  • Ken

    Managed to run it perfectly on my Tab 7.7 after transferring it from my Nexus. Why is the Tab 7.7 not supported in the Play Store? It's the same hardware as the S2 and Note anyway….

  • 165terence


  • Zee

    I just want to know why the download from Play Store is 900+ MB, the same as the data that needs to be downloaded when I try to run the game. 900+ MB from Play Store plus another 900+ MB.

  • Sami

    I don&apos;t care what others say, I just love this game! I, too, have never played DH 1 or 2. I think people are complaining as their expectations were too high, but it is still unmatched by any other game in the App Store, so there is nothing to complain about.
    Awesome game, especially co-op, just can&apos;t get enough.

  • Chandrapal

    Nirmala g

  • KindleFire

    Too bad and so sad there is no update for Kindle Fire. :(

  • mary eneh

    i love gameloft. its fun.

  • allyourmight

    I love the game, but i wish they would update it so that you can get a free gem every day! Im getting 2 gems free everyday by watching a video.

  • susilbaske

    nice game

  • vjetnamese

    it.is very good.i like…

  • Ancel

    love DHA on the ps3, I don&apos;t have/not getting a vita, hate apple and all their i-crap and have absolutely no interest in "smart" phones, any chance you guys will release more stuff on the play station network, or even better make some available for PC so I can enjoy it on my laptop

  • jasim


  • amush urang


  • amush urang

    nice game

  • amush urang


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  • Missy Vale

    Don’t bother starting to play! There is a bug that has been preventing players from progressing in the game at Kankheer gate, an early level in the game. Some complaints are from over a year ago. Could have been a great game.