Dungeon Hunter 3 Developer Interview

With a major update bringing co-op and PvP multiplayer features to both iOS and Android, Dungeon Hunter 3 continues to set itself apart as one of the best action games available.  We recently had a chance to sit down with one of the game’s producers to learn a bit more about what goes into making a game like Dungeon Hunter 3, and how the game evolved over time.

Check out the interview below, and leave your feedback and questions in the comments!

What is your name and role at Gameloft?
Jocelyn Lefrancois, Local Producer

When did development of DH3 begin?
Early 2011

What did you learn from DH1 and DH2 that you wanted to add/emphasis/subtract from DH3?
The main issue that often returns with RPG games is the scope. With so many features available in RPGs, the question we asked ourselves is how can we stand out? This meant changing the overall scope from DH1 and DH2 by offering an arena focused game, with a much greater emphasis on the combat itself. We also found that players love to play games with their friend, so we wanted to offer more communication and social features.

Can you tell us how the decision was made to make the game free-to-play?
There was some initial backlash, and we understand that some fans wish this version were a spin off. We’re the biggest Dungeon Hunter fans alive, so we understand that reaction! But the game is really great and the free-to-play model allowed us to focus on the combat and has allowed a ton of new players to enjoy Dungeon Hunter. In retrospect we don’t regret the decision at all, but we could have managed expectations better for longtime DH fans who were understandably caught off guard by the change.

DH3 is the first Dungeon Hunter game to offer playable female characters, was that something you had planned to add from the beginning?
Yes. We really wanted to add this option for our fans. There are more and more women joining the ranks for all types of games, and all players like customization. It was an easy choice to make.

What’s your favorite class of character in DH3?
The Shaman, he has some sweet crowd control skills.

There are 4 new class types in DH3, can you briefly take us through the process of creating new character class types, from concept to design to implementation?
First of all, both designers and concept artists brainstorm about what they would want for a specific class (references, character background, etc.). Although we can’t really avoid the warrior class in an RPG, you have to ask yourself what their background is, which can influence what kind of visual look the character will have, what kind of abilities they will use and what kind of weapons they will wield.

Once the class idea is set, both the visual concept phase and the skills creation process begins. For the visuals, we start with some concept sketches (4-5 of them) and we seek out feedback. Ideally you want the entire team to give some feedback on the characters that everyone will be involved with. It is a similar process for skills, conceptualizing their visual style (fire, ice, physical strikes) and designing what damage and effects they inflict.

The last step is implementation. The 3D artists work on the model based on the concepts, animators work on making the model move and attack convincingly, and visual FX artists work on making the skills appear powerful, fun and spectacular.

DH3 was very focused on character combat. Therefore each aspect of the creation process is very important in bringing the classes to life.

Early Character Art – Giant Crab

Giant Crab in Final Version of DH3

Why aren’t there any more loot drops?
Unfortunately, almost no game comes to market without a list of “we would have liked to have had” features. We had loot planned at the beginning of the project. We dropped it because we simply didn’t have time to both implement items and balance the game with loot.

Why was there such a delay for the Android version of the game? Can you speak about the challenges you faced porting the game to Android?
We wanted Dungeon Hunter 3 to be available for as many people as possible on day one! Unfortunately there are a lot of devices out there and we needed to make sure that the game was optimized for enough of them before launching on Android. We understand why players are frustrated by delays, but I think they’d be more frustrated if we rushed the game.

How have fans reacted to the new multiplayer mode?
Really well! The response has been better than we ever expected. Players generally want to play with friends and meet other people in-game. Our MP mode required a lot of time and effort to implement but the impact has been incredible.
Multiplayer was originally planned for launch, right? What were the challenges in bringing multiplayer to this game?
Multiplayer is always a challenge. We face challenges with framerates, synchronization, hosting, server stability and match-making. Small issues that may go unnoticed in single player can seriously handicap the multiplayer experience. We could have released something at the same time as the single player version, but it would have not met our quality standards, and in the end would have hurt the game more than helped it. We decided to delay the multiplayer in order to make sure our players received a quality product at launch. As we see people having fun with the multiplayer mode, we know it was the right decision.


Are there more updates planned for DH3? Can you give us any hints as to what they might include?
Yes, we want to continue updating Dungeon Hunter 3 and making it even better. Planned features include more multiplayer elements like improved leaderboards and additional content such as new arenas and new items for the shop. I can’t share more details yet, but there are lots of exciting updates coming. Stay tuned!



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  • Darla

    Does anyone have games for the nook tablet or a site for the nook tablet?
    I love to play games on my nook alot.
    Thank You,

  • Zero

    Ok i thought this game will be awesome, the graphics are good.. the gameplay is nice.. but the thing that u made it an arena focused game is the worst idea ever.. i think the game designers didn't think enough about this decision… if it was made like DH2 .. "diablo" style it could have been a top seller and the best game of the year…

  • Silgrond

    I have to agree with Zero, I didn't like the arena styled gameplay. :/

  • Paul J

    DH 1 and 2 were brilliant. Sadly Gameloft messed up the franchise with this freemium arena game

    PLEASE develop DH IV and return to its roots as a true RPG

  • BajaResident

    DH3 was between a rock and a hard place. They needed to name it DH3 to be able to exploit the release of Diablo 3, but they also knew it would be nothing like DH2 which would anger most fans. They ended up up taking the low road and exploiting both Diablo 3 as well as exploiting their fans by making it an IAP arena based money grab. Pathetic. Why not choose the high road and create a game worthy of the DH namesake?

  • giorgi

    dzaan magroba tamashia:D

  • Nick

    When is DH2 or DH1 going to go on sale again? it's been forever.

  • ครีม


  • IScreamSandwich

    The one problem I have with this game is not the arena style gameplay. If I want to play an RPG, Ill just play DH2. I just wish this game would stop spamming me with notifications even after I turn them off.

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  • עומר


  • Pharmc265

    Very nice site!

  • Chinedu Jon

    I need BB playbook stuffs!!!

  • janeneen

    Please come buy my snow figure.

  • Blake @ http://ischangepossible.com/category/careers/feed

    They ended up up taking the low road and exploiting both Diablo 3 as well as exploiting their fans by making it an IAP arena based money grab. Pathetic.

  • kuchenmann

    Hey das Spiel geht auf dem htc Sensation nicht warum?

  • Hesham

    I like funny game

  • MIka

    actually, Ive never played DH1 and DH2 since you have to pay.. but all I can say, I really like this game. I feel rpg-y. :/ Besides, why complain so much? Its free for goodness sake!

  • Tunt

    When is it available on Symbian?

  • hesham

    first of all i wanna say it's a great game .. best game ever but it needs these updates to be perfect
    1- when i kill mobs i find gold that's great but from time to time i wanna find DROP ITEM like i buy from storage .
    2- wanna my own storage key where i keep my old stuff
    3-wanna be able to exchange items with other player and open stall to sell them with gold
    4- (very important) i dun like the stages mode and lvls .. i prefer one map huge one … and u go to your lvl mobs to kill …. and there's a place to PvP ( player vs player ) all in one map …
    5- the store … ummm we can make a city that all online players start from … and there's the guy u can buy the weapons from and the guy for the potions …etc
    6- u can add pets to help u killing mobs buys with diamonds that u buy with cash offcourse :) to help u earning ;)
    7- about the weapons we can make some special stuff in all lvls but drops rearly we call DHs rare .. ( the best ) … sum ( second place ) … sun ( third place ) …
    8- animals help u collecting drops and gold and it's for real cash too …
    ….. it's for now but with these updates u will earn alot and the game will be number 1 for many years coming ….
    notice : sorry for my writting mistakes …

  • hesham

    please contact me for more ideas … i really wanna help to make this game greaaaaaaaaat

  • lambo

    It's becoming a decent game but there is still much work to go. Some are easy bugs that needs to get fixed (on ios and android) like for example
    -Unable to to get as a reward when sending gifts to friends, i already send more then 150+gifts and still havn't earned a "Flask" to complete mine collection..
    -"True Aim"s pass through isn't working (skill from the ranger), waste of 160 diamonds..
    -Unable to play online anymore since today (22/08/2012)? Says i need to update it and links to the android market, BUT there is no update availeble? It says last updated 26 July..
    So euhm, where is the update then?

    It would be great if u could fix these things.

  • lilimbra

    no update in play store :( no game online 22/08/2012

  • Jake35

    My dh3 crashed and won't load any more, but I'm afraid that if I delete and reinstall I will lose everything… Is there away I can keep the gems and gold I accumulated

  • Hamad


    First of all, Im an experianced gamer and id like to share my opinion about this game.
    DH3 is one of the best RBG games in the store, but like other games, there are some pros and cons. I'll share some suggestions that may improve the gameplay in general.
    anyone would notice that the graphics are super awesome, also the frame rates in both solo mode and multiplayer mode, I think that this is the main reason why this game is quite addictive. However, the cons are way more than the pros though I think it's normal for a portable device game such as iPad or an android.. Anyway, fixing these cons would improve the game to a new level.

    1. There are no action house!.. It's a must for mmorpg games! And I don't think that it's hard to make.
    (Ex: Ah is like a trade center between players, they can sell poitons for example, old upgraded gear / weapon for a set amount of gold.

    2. The "collection" system is wonderful, it shows how generous you're with gems and gold, but also you made it hard as hell, you need to get the whole set to earn your reward, instead, make the drop chance a bit lower and it'll be better.

    3. Type ALL mobs names above their heads, this will make farming and leveling up better.

    4. Missions make no sense… Killing 30 mobs with mushrooms or with bees aren't fair, it's logically impossible if you don't spend a lot of time playing, and that what actually most of people don't do.

    5. Daily quests would be awesome, not only a daily reward, and make it in 3 difficulties : easy, moderate and hard, and ofcourse with different rewards.

  • Darkbash

    My cousin accidentally ( I don’t know how) but changed my class from warlord to shaman, keeping my level, and my potions but deleting everything else. How can I get back my warlord?