Monster Life – You’re going to fall for these monsters!

Move over Frankenstein and Godzilla.. There are some new monsters in town, of the paper variety! Discover the island of Numa, filled with the cutest monsters we’ve ever seen in Monster Life, now available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Raise, train, and fight these charming creatures to save Numa from “Chaos.” Think you’re up for the challenge? Try it free today! And keep reading to find out more about these cute little critters & how to win the tablet of your choice…

BABY… Monsters?
Get ready to be charmed by the cutest, cuddliest, little baby monsters on the planet! In Monster Life, you will raise theses little cuties from the egg to adulthood, feeding, cleaning, training, and playing with them along the way to turn them into paper monster fighting machines! Collect all 20+ and raise them through 4 different levels (baby, level 1, 2, & 3). And if you’re up to the challenge, battle them in 36 different battle zones on 4 different islands.

It’s a Wiki Life
Still looking for more info on your favorite monsters and the mystical island of Numa? Join the Monster Life Wiki, a fan made encyclopedia dedicated to Monster Life!  You’ll meet other Monster Life players, learn about the paper monsters and their special moves, create top 10 lists, and more on this fan community. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, they’re also giving away a tablet to one luck monster lover. All you have to do to enter is visit the giveaway page, join the wiki, and leave a comment telling them what kind of pet monster you would want to raise. So get to it! Enter now on the Monster Life Wiki and start meeting other monster lovers…



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  • henry

    loved the reindeerster sale 1,400 whill gameloft also do cheaper sales on monsters that cost coins or just cri stals an f stones ?one more question why do you show some monsters first like lizardster and then start selling them and others like yetister just show up in the shop but where never seen? when whill rhinoster be available ( make him chep pls ) thanx.

  • henry

    whill you show cupidster and huolongster just in februaris or also at special events.linx.

  • Daffaginarta

    Tolong Gmana Cranya Download

  • Nat

    Make more cheap monsters so I can get more some are way too expensive and I wasted everything except my coins.

  • Nat

    Make the monsters cheaper because I have about 10 crystals and 80 f stones please make then cheaper I love the game but would like it more if the monsters were cheaper PLEASE do it

  • Nat

    Some people(me) don't have game loft accounts so we can't play our friends. Please change that so I dont have to get one even though I do.PLEASE

  • Nat

    Sales we need LOTS of SALES!!!!!and maybe u could change it up a little like for borster instead of his sale being in crystals for 120 it could be 2,000 friend stones or he could be coins 30,000! PLEASE try it!!!!!

  • Nat

    Sales sales sales…………we need them!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!

  • Brandon Sheridan

    It says not available how can I get it android

  • Morgan

    I used to play this on my iPod, and then I deleted the app. Now I want to play again, but I can’t find it at all, no matter what key words I used! It wont even come up when I put in, “monster life gameloft”.