Order & Chaos – PvP is coming…

Heroes of Order & Chaos, a spin-off of Order & Chaos: Online, is coming, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about O&C or the promises we made…

BEHOLD, the biggest Order & Chaos update EVER!

Get ready to enjoy the long awaited PVP Arenas, MOUNTS, a new dungeon in the depths of Sailen, tons of new quests, items, system refinements and more!

Will you have what it takes to make it to the top of the new leaderboards? Will you pick a Lion, a Stag, or another epic creature to ride towards your destiny? Will you be there when the face of Haradon changes forever?

Stay tuned for more info coming soon…


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  • PETA


  • damian

    Connect Android and IOS users. You sad it will be done "Soon" why it take so loooong :(

  • Daniel

    Man I really want to play in the PvP arena but please Don't take so long to update it!

  • F.E.A.R

    Please, Gameloft, add legendary items.

  • loler

    I have bought many playtime before 2 days, but when the game goes free, it is useless. what about to get runes for the playtime, that is bought…?

  • Artem

    Hm, new update coming to IOS, but WHEN will be updated Android version to current update?

  • Carmine

    Order & Chaos Onlie, doesn´t work on ICS 4.04 !!

  • Susanne Iles

    Any news on something for your fans using a playbook?

  • Nick

    Sry guys, Who know this problem?
    I cann't buy Runes …. Purchase Failed (code:-15)
    Please write me on mult_man.93@bk.ru

  • pix

    Is this update coming to Mac?

  • Matt

    how about letting me actualy play what I payed for? says unstable internet to download data

  • Chris Gman

    I havent been able to access my mac os toons for a few months now why is it broken and why do I never get a response.

  • Kabir

    Pls make ORDER & CHOAS for java mobile version I beg!

  • omg_kira.O.o

    coming out on the ORDER & CHOAS windows phone 7.5

  • omg_kira.O.o


  • Edgar carrau

    pesso a vossa amizad

  • Josh

    do mounts cost runed please email me at jjarmolych@aol.com

  • sleeps

    Plz add ice cream sandwhich 4.0.4 support i love the game and i bought a tablet to play gameloft games but they are not compatible with ics.

  • @teaabuse

    Someone says ,that it will be done by a 23'th of august …its true or false?

  • Trolyamboo

    Nowdays players can't rate their usefulness in dungeons. So add DPS meter to fix it. Thanks.

  • bahati emanuel


  • an

    Do not let the game do China and Korea

  • Zurian89

    I purchased the game created an account but it still wont let me log in to play! Any ideas?

  • sadiq


  • zzz

    Pls update faster,I can't wait so long time…..

  • zzz

    Gameloft GM,the order and chaos can got more character???? Just four are so boring………. -.-

  • Luis

    Do a spanish server
    creen un servido argentino

  • ruslan

    Здравствуйте! Сделайте пожалуйсто поддержку этой игры на планшетах ZTE V9A

  • Dominic

    If anyone would like to double their gold just send their gold to DoubleMyGold and he will double your money or “gold” like he did for me on the mobile order and chaos online for iPod, iPhone, iPad. I gave him 200 he have me 400.

  • http://runes Rafi

    Can send me runes plz I cheng server and no have runes

  • AL

    ETA on Windows Phone 8? All these games and no RPG’s. Enough with the FPS and village builder games =P GIVE US SOME RPG ACTION PLLLEEAAASSEEE