Kingdoms & Lords

Return to a time when chivalry ruled the country side & knights put their lives on the line for their kings in “Kingdoms & Lords.” Start building your kingdom and prepare your troops for battle for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android! Not sure if K&L is your style? Keep reading to find out why you may be mistaken…

Build vs. Battle
Kingdoms & Lords may look like just another tycooning game, but there’s more to this title that you might expect. Yes, part of your time will be spent building your kingdom, but an equal portion will be spent managing your resources to train & upgrade your troops… And why would you need said troops? To fight the invading barbarian hordes in RPG style battles. So in reality this simulation game is also a strategy game!

The Devils in the Details
But don’t worry sim fans, you will also have tons of items to choose from to really expand your kingdom from dreary to dreamy! And one aspect of this game that you wont find in other city builders is the level of detail. Not only is their a day-cycle (which looks great I might ad), but each building has its own animation.You’ll get to watch your weavers hard at work at the Textile Workshop and the squirrels scrounging for nuts at the Commoner’s House!

 With a Little Help From My Friends
And don’t forget to let your friends know about Kingdoms & Lords, because the more friends you have the better! You can send each other gifts, earn rewards for visiting each other, and even take them on on the battlefield by invading their town..

Already have friends playing, but aren’t sure how to add them? Go to the tool bar and choose “social.” Then tap the invite friends button and sign into Facebook or Gameloft Live. Once connected, any of your friends that are playing will show up on your friends screen, just swipe the screen right and left to see them. From there you can visit, gift, and invade your friends each day, earning you coins and other rewards… because who really wants to play all by yourself?

Unlock Your Army’s Full Potential
Like I mentioned before, K&L requires more strategy than one might expect… Around about level 6, you can start to see its true potential with the Training Field. Once you’ve built it, the training field will give you the opportunity to level up the recruits you’ve been gathering! You will need to unlock each recruit type separately using diamonds or special items that you can request from friends (see, playing with friends does come in handy!), but it’s a small price to pay to upgrade their health, attacks, defenses, regeneration, critical hits, and accuracy!

In it to Win it
And what’s better than playing a great game like Kingdoms & Lords? Playing it to win a real prize! That’s why we’re giving away a $500 Amazon gift card every week for a whole month.. You read that right, that’s 4 $500 gift cards! Want to win one? You’ll have to check the contest tab each week for the current contest rules.
For a chance to win this week, fill your Kingdoms & Lords village with farms, take a screenshot, & upload it here. Then share it with your friends to snag their votes. The town with the most votes on the 16th will be the winner! So show off your “Farm-Filled Kingdom” for your chance to win!

Prove you have what it takes to stand against the barbarian hoards, take down the Dark King, and protect your lands from evil in this new game, now available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


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