Fantasy Town: Magical Pets Update

All magical creatures are attracted to Fantasy Town and some of them have decided to join the fun!

Meet the Cute Dragon, Magical Griffon, and Sweet Minotaur!

These adorable creatures have decided to stop by your Fantasy Town! But are you up to the challenge of caring for them?

If you’ve got what it takes to adopt one of these magical cuties, download the latest iOS update, hit up the shop, and purchase an egg. Once these little buggers crack their shells, the real fun will begin!

Help your new friend grow by giving it lots of grub, love, and attention… Before you know it, it will be big and strong!

What are you waiting for? Download the magical iOS update today and become the proud parent of one of these fantastic creatures!

Coming soon to Android


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  • consy

    ho problema con il gioco ..non mi fà piu giocare grazie

  • Janice

    I have not seen the new animals so far on my game. I play Fantasy Town through my Kindle Fire. Currently I am having a problem with going to and using my pot.ions. My game either shuts down and goes to the home page or freezes my Kindle and I have to close it down to get it to run again. There is now place on the game that I can find to alert someone to this problem and how to solve it. I hope this gets to someone who cam help me. Please!!!!!!!

  • Nurrumaisha

    I'm not bad i no comments please enter your card debit help,

  • Nurrumaisha

    Assalammualaikum, hai kawan kawan semua saya sekarang dalam perjalanan nak pegi bank lepas tu nk pegi MC DONALD lepas tu nk pegi family stor, papa saya bawak keta memang laju 80 dekat 100 km/h jugak la okla :D

  • strella2

    Why I can't. Seen. My friends in fantasy town

  • Nicole

    Please help me in Fantasy Town I can't seem to see the egg in the Shop…Please help I can't buy the EGG!!

  • Hollybearrie

    Just got the Newest update. All my large apt. Buildings that cost 50 rubies each have disappeared and have been replaced by an icon that says its downloading packs?????? I am level 101. What gives?