Real Soccer 2013 – Now available on iPhone & iPad

Its another year and you know what that means soccer fanatics… Real Soccer 2013 just launched on the App Store! And this year’s edition is better than ever! ^_^ Get it today on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch and keep reading for more info on Real Soccer 2013.

Real Soccer 2013 (or Real Football to fans outside of the U.S.) is the most immersive game in the Real Soccer franchise yet. Experience the smooth and realistic graphics that make soccer legends like our cover athlete, Falcao, come to life on your screen! Witness over 700 motion-capture animations as you take on an improved AI for a truly cinematic experience!

This year, we’ve made Real Soccer even more REAL, if you know what I mean. For the first time ever in a Real Soccer title, you will be able to play as your favorite players. Choose from over 3,000 of the top players thanks to the official FIFPro license! Plus, with new updates coming all the time, you can be sure that new players will be added to your roster & real world transfers will be updated in the game.

And it doesn’t stop on the field.. In Real Soccer 2013, you will also have the opportunity (and duty to your players) to go behind the scenes and give them the best chance to win with state of the art facilities. From the gym to your team’s stadium, each facility you upgrade will improve your teams performance! Get your players in shape by developing your training grounds to increase their physical, technical, and tactical skills. Earn more money and attract fans by expanding your stadium, filling it with shops and signing big-name sponsors. And reinforce team comradery by developing your club’s facilities, hiring new staff members, dealing with sponsors and more!

So if you think you have what it takes to be the best coach, player, and much more, try Real Soccer 2013 today! It’s free to play on iPhone & iPad and is coming soon to Android…


Real Soccer 2013 is now available on Android! Get it free on Google Play today & let us know what you think!

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  • hemant


  • Benjamin


  • tanaka

    Coming soon on Android ??? what about on Symbian ???

  • chiwang

    HOly ***! I waited so long. RF2012 is far more better than FIFA12, I f**ked up by FIFA's masssssive buttons and there is no CHINESE team in that f**King game!
    Downloading RF2013, I sincerely hope that it will be possible to customize our own cups and invite chosen teams rather than random! and……why no head score in 2012?

  • chiwang

    best iphone soccer game ever, i must add this!

  • Spiral

    how do i play muliplayer?

  • Everardo mora


  • Tristan

    Is it going to be on Android

  • Road Rager

    Real Football 2013 is not supported for my Sony WT19i Live With Walkman. Please make this game supported for my phone.

  • Rodrigues

    Saying that Real Football 2013 is good, means to understand nothing of football.
    The graphics are better than the previous version, the gameplay is so good and the total management of the club until it is cool. However, the game only has this same offer. If we would simply play a friendly cup or league, you can not, because there is only management mode. Worse, after choosing a team, you can not change, have to stay with him until death.
    Real Football was on track until the 2011 version, then everything unraveled.
    This business is killing FREMIUM games from GAMELOFT.
    If you still want to save GAMELOFT RF 2013, please provide an update on the main MENU options FRIENDLY, COPA, and for those who want LEAGUE MODE MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB.
    Should also provide the FULL version of the game for those who want to buy.
    At the time FIFA 13 is 10X1 Real Football 2013.



  • Francis

    The game always "not loading" when I wich to rest a player, train a player, and also building facilities, need to force quit on the mobile's control panel, what happen !?!?!! One of my friend lost his whole team and need to restart the game from zero … how come !!!!

  • Luis

    Can you play 2 players like connect to wifi or Bluetooth??

  • Luis

    Can u play 2 players

  • bgrubman

    your last update making everything way more expensive has ruined the game. Way to go!

  • ozomala

    Love to see this on the playbook

  • gameloft fan

    the new update 1.0.7on google play is awsome exept that the game requires network connection.please remove that and the game will be awsome.

  • gameloft fan

    the gameplay on real footbal 13 must go the next level because its not good at all.i hope i see better and relistic gameplay on real football 2014.

  • Justinejay Juxtjay Mtete

    Real football why not play in mocrosoft phone 535 bt in nokia its play