Wild Blood & the Power of the Unreal Engine

Still think that mobile games can’t compete with console & PC games? Think again! With the release of Wild Blood on iPhone, iPad, & Android, we believe that the gap between console & mobile gaming has been closed. Not only does Wild Blood boast a vast fantasy world, immersive gameplay, and a fully-realized fantasy world, but thanks to the Unreal Engine 3, it is also one of the most powerful games on the mobile market to date. Don’t take our word for it, download it now from the App Store or Google Play and let us know what you think in the comments!

Wild at Heart
Enter Lancelot, the legendary knight of the Round Table that betrayed his king for the love of a woman… or did he? Experience the legend like never before in Wild Blood!

As Arthur’s loyal knight, you must save your king from the clutches of madness after he is bewitched by the evil sorceress Morgana Le Fey. Not only has she turned King Arthur against you, she has also opened the gates of Hell and unleashed demons upon Camelot. You must fight off the unnatural creatures & save Arther, Guinevere, and Camelot from ultimate destruction!

You say you want a Revolution
How you ask, can you take down such evil fiends to save your king & country? With a little help from your friends of course! Gawain and the other Knights of the Round Table will be along for the devilish ride and if that doesn’t sway the odds in your favor, there are always the weapons… There are several to choose from. From axes, to long bows, to the legendary Excalibur, you wont be disappointed in Wild Blood’s intense combat, made even more real through the power of the Unreal Engine! Fight your way through 10 epic levels that you would never see, if not for the power of Unreal Technology.

Two Brains are Better than One
As most gamers know, its always better to play with friends… whether its against each other or in cooperative teams, and Wild Blood offers both with 8 person multiplayer! Fight to the death in teams of 4 in Team Deathmatch or team up to steal the opposing teams flag in Capture the Flag. Just connect with your friends on Gameloft Live (now available in a stand alone app on both iOS & Android) & compare scores on the leaderboard, set up matches, and find other Gameloft games to play together. So connect to your local wi-fi, sign in to Gameloft Live, hook up with friends, and jump into battle!

Get your copy of this epic tale for only $6.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android today and bring the legendary characters of the Round Table to life like never before!


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  • Dawn

    Not playable on the galant noteerde 10.1 ? :((

  • Liam

    Bullshit, it's not even close to closed. You don't know crap, there is a massive gap from this to Vita titles, and a small gap from their to console, and another huge gap from there to Pc.

  • to Liam

    keep crying, fag. hope u enjoy your psvita brick paperweight that has no games lol

  • Dawn

    Galaxy note 10.1* :))

  • Roger

    After 5-10mins of gameplay, action becomes very choppy, lags a lot and crashes some times, very hard to have a decent framerate, this needs to be adressed, FAST…graphics are awsome looking, game is fun to play, would have expected a little more freedom of roaming around, path is laid out pretty straight forward but it' ok, expecting dungeons to be bigger, in all a very great game but the lags issues and random crashes need to be adresses, there are games out there that costed me 1$ that run better than this one that costed me 6.99$, come on GameLoft, make this better and make it an AWSOME game. For this you deserve 3 stars, no more..

  • Roger

    Using ASUS TF201 Prime btw…

  • Jonathan

    Just a question: Does purchasing skins for your weapons do anything or is it just for looks?

  • Anonymous

    can you please put it free

  • Anonymous

    Is like dungeon hunter.

  • Jude

    good game

  • Murphy

    Dear Admin,

    You Have Any Idea About When Gameloft is going to release the new update for android. they had reacently release an update for IOS users. with new Multiplayer map and juggernaut mode. please update the info. if you have any idea about this

  • Michelle

    Hi Murphy, the update will be coming to Android soon. We don't have an official release date yet, but you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified about it first. :)

  • Anonymous

    Put all this games on mobile

  • Milko

    Not working on my note 2. Starting and crash, back me always to the starting menu.
    What to do now?

  • Hank

    Dear Admin
    Does purchasing skins for your weapons do anything or is it just for looks?

    pls also reply to my email if possible.
    Great Thanks!!!

  • Anthony

    im now trying to play the game, it lets me sign in to gameloft live but when i click on join game there are only 3 or 4 hosts and all on the same stageand im searching all even when i try to join its say please wait then goes back to the hosts, so i try to creste a room, onece again says please wait but this time stays like that, il then have to restat the gane to move from that point, was working fine 2 days ago but now nothing at all, something is defo wrong, can you help?

  • Oguz

    Good graphics and game . But it crashes a lot. I uninstalled and waiting for update.

  • Vhfdxhkjj


  • Irish

    Great game!

  • Carlos Simões

    Dear Admin
    My game keeps crashing after the unreal logo on the start
    What’s going on? Is this a problem in the game?

  • Andreo Lin

    Hi, There was a problem with the servers game??, When I try open it appears that don’t have a google play account registered??, I have this account correctly in the tablet. Thanks

  • Matias Osores

    Hey! I purshed the game! Anda i open the game he said me. You dont have a google play account! When i have!! Please i need a solution!

  • Harth

    It says that I need to login to Google play but I am already login in Google play

  • Arijus Zibuda

    Ok ive just bought the game and it says i dont have a google play account but i have 1 and it just feels like a huge scam but it really dose look good, please fix this.

  • godwin nnamdi

    I just downloaded wild blood now to open it,it say I don’t a Google pla account registered please add one what should I do.

  • godwin nnamdi

    Please help will blood it telling me to that I don’t a Google play account registered that I should add one