MC4 Profiles – Patric Mondou

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is right around the corner and we have the inside scoop on how it was made and why its gonna be even better than you expect! For today’s look behind the scenes, we sat down with the game’s Multiplayer Game Designer, Patric Mondou…

How did you get started in the gaming industry?
I was a research assistant in interactive media. I got a phone call from Gameloft, passed an interview and immediately accepted a new position! ;) I did some work on some of Gameloft’s social games, but I worked mostly on the Modern Combat Series. I’ve done MC 2, 3, and now Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

What was your favorite task during the development of MC4?
Designing the weapons and skills system. That part was just awesome: it’s creative, but it lets me make use of my math skills to its full extent.
We added a new attachment system that creates thousands of possibilities for weapons. I needed to make sure that specific combos were not overpowering. Balancing all of these possibilities can be very challenging, and I love good challenges!

What was your biggest challenge, working on Modern Combat 4?
Dealing with the fans’ high expectations regarding MC4 and finding out how we could outdo ourselves. I think we’ve accomplished that, though. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll have to say about it. We have better maps, better weapons, new modes and we have stronger gameplay in general. MC4 is without any doubt a huge improvement over MC3. If the fans liked MC3, they’ll definitely love the new installment, but it’s sometimes hard to even meet fan expectations in some aspects. Our game is quite ambitious. We really had some grandiose goals when designing it, we really didn’t hold back. However, it’s sometimes very hard to squeeze-in everything you have planned. But with all the cool new features we were able to fit in, I say we’ll still exceed their expectations.

The Modern Combat series still has a pretty loyal following! Do the game designers spend much time reading what’s being said out there?
Every single forum post we could find was read by at least one of us in the team, even those on fan-made websites. Although every comment is taken into consideration, we’re very aware of what can and cannot go into MC4. The comments that concern us the most are the cheater-bashing ones. We understand it is a serious issue with our multiplayer and we’re doing everything we can to fix that.

Read more of our interview with Patric & find out the latest MC4 news on the Official Modern Combat 4 website. We’ll be constantly updating the official site, so be sure to check back for more info. And as always, let us know what you think of the game in the comments!


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    Have you realised that on the pictures with the MC series, the third one says: “Moder Combat 3: Zero Hour” ? :P FAIL (P.E.: Keep up doing the great work Gameloft! ;) Cheers)

  • Róna Áron

    Have you realised that on the pictures with the MC series, the third one says: “Moder Combat 3: Zero Hour” ? :P FAIL (P.E.: I love your games, Keep up doing the great work Gameloft! ;) Cheers)

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