Build your own Wonder Zoo!

Happy Thursday! We’ve got a new game coming your way that will get you tapping, building, & rescuing cute animals! In Wonder Zoo, now available for free on iPhone, iPad, & Android you get the chance to run a bustling animal reserve & save animals that have been injured in the wild.

Explore 5 different regions while on safari & save animals that have been injured by a notorious poacher. Nurse them back to health and even breed them to create mythical creatures! There are tons of exotic animals to look after from adorable pandas to the majestic lion pack. Plus add your friends to increase the fun!

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Try Wonder Zoo for free today on iPhone, iPad, & Android and start building your own animal reserve!


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  • SuperTed

    I have only just found this game, and I got to level 20 and found that the game keeps crashing too… And people have been complaining about this since October 2012, and its now just about April 2013… that is a bit dodgey.

    So I had a bunch of shops all grouped together and when I entered the game, I would go and press them all to collect all my money (like any other game). With all those coins on the screen and with all the text, the game just crashes.

    I found that if I collected things a bit slower, like 3 at a time, waiting for things to clear, it didn't crash nearly as much.

    Give that a go if you're even still playing the game :D

  • Panthrman

    Is Facebook the only way to add friends?

  • SuperTed

    I haven't had much luck with FB friends. It seems to forget them.

    I recommend making yourself a gameloft account. That might be more reliable. Feel free to add me: SuperTed588

  • SuperTed

    Anyone else found that adding a friend on the 25% extra fuel thing doesn't actually do anything?

  • Awakhiwe

    Plz show me where 2 find the diamons

  • Nadya

    Hi there,
    How do I rename my Zoo?

  • Ms. Q

    how to gain the diamonds rather than we pay our real money for it?

  • Renee

    Im loving it but I dont recieve diamonds on level ups nor achievments, crashing level 20 and up. Still love playing and starting over w crashes day 45 on my weenie cell, a Samsung SCH-U365. Playing Wonder Zoo 1.3.6.

  • jj

    I can no longer expand my zoo. What’s up with that? Also don’t like being made to buy peanuts to go further into the game. Why can’t you just use coins you have accumulated?

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  • Laura

    Anyone have an answer for this yet?

  • Orca Lover

    I have some ideas for wonder zoo, maybe the appatasaurus should cost less then 20 bucks and the glitches and maybe animals from the ice age?? And expansions should be a tiny bit cheaper. Hope this helped

  • Linda Potterhead

    I am having problems getting into my social area. Everytime I go to find an animal and to get a handler it says I am not connected. Thats untrue- I am connected on every other single gameloft games I have.. whats the deal with this one?

  • Linda Potterhead

    Nevermind.. I got it!

  • Violet

    How do I expand my zoo? It says I need to do the tutorial to do it but I can’t find I tutorial! If anyone can tell me I be really thankful and it doesn’t matter if it been 3 or more month plz tell me the answer thank u :)

  • Unhappy

    The game won’t even start for me anymore.. After freezing the loading screen for awhile it crashes.

  • rhino

    To Get rid of the “Tutorial” click through on all of your messages.

  • Carly

    No, you can also login to game centre. That’s what I did because I don’t have Facebook

  • Carly


  • JesusLovesYou

    Same problem.. ugh!!

  • just me

    Love the game. I was at level 59 with over 1000 purchased peanuts when I lost my iPad. I bought a new iPad and reinstalled the game. I ended up being given the same username because I am on the same iTunes account. Is there anyway I can get the stockpile of peanuts from my original game transferred to my new iPad? I refuse to spend more money to replace them.

  • Sara

    Hi there!

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing such issues!

    You’ll need to go on our Support website and you can

    check our FAQ page of the site and find a solution to your issue.

    If your issue isn’t described in there, you can fill a form that would be sent to the Customer Care Team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • Amber manatee

    Breeding time doesn’t go down when away from game, can anything be done I had 6 hours to go on buffalo last night and when I started up again this morning I still had 6 hours left

  • roli

    nagyon jo

  • Reece

    How do you expand

  • Daniel Rajski

    Great game! But I have one problem: I played for a while but cannot open the app again. But anyway, I will install it again and even though I got really far in the game, I will do it again because I like it so much! :D

  • T

    Yes, I have this struggle too. It seems like if the creators of these games were any good, they’d answer some of these questions…

  • Rakshith Jayakumar

    The videos are not playing,please help me rectify it

  • pthenora

    hey guys i have a question. i bought game di

    amonds and they didnt show up in the game :( can someone tell me if there is something i have to do before getting them besides pay of course?:)

  • Steven

    I’m on level 50 is so fun

  • Steven

    Is great