MLG for All

Now everyone can compete for the top spots in Modern Combat 3 & N.O.V.A. 3! Major League Gaming has officially opened its biweekly mobile gaming competitions up worldwide. Compete in two of the most intense mobile shooters available on the market today and you could win cash money!

Are you ready to prove your skills? Just link your Gameloft Live! & MLG accounts and start playing for your shot at the title & prize money. & remeber, MLG is giving $$ to the top players in both games, so make it count when you jump into MC3 & NOVA 3’s online multiplayer!

Haven’t started playing MC3 yet? Now is the best time to start because its ONLY $0.99 in honor of MLG! Have fun out there soldiers.


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  • HUNTER-ss5

    very good GameLoft but i will wait until come// Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour The BEST GAME EVER
    And i will kick ***** Ho Challenge me in MC4


    That's all when and good except when you can't download if of google play with your samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and the worst part is that is works fairly well on the device!

  • me

    Are you going to make these for mac?

  • Ren

    Bring modern combat 4 to MLG!!!!!

  • Jack

    Bring mc5 to mlg when it’s released and btw it’s going to be released somewhere in febuary I saw because of the arrangement of the dlc haha good try though

  • Josh

    Add flying vehicles and a small fast one person vehicle like a bike with an auto targeting gun for the front for nova 3 like on a new map or old maps. Also, add more vehicles to the other multiplayer maps, that would be great.