Get Ready To Game – 10 games coming to new Nexus devices

It’s a huge week for tech news! In case you missed the announcement, Google has revealed two new devices to join their Nexus 7: the Nexus 10 tablet & Nexus 4 phone. And we are excited to announce that we will be bringing 10 action-packed games to each device!

So get ready to put your Nexus devices to the test because we’ve optimized our games to take advantage of the huge new screen resolution on the Nexus 10 and the Qualcomm quad core chipset in the Nexus 4. Play your favorite gameloft games like never before including The Amazing Spiderman, Asphalt 7: Heat, and N.O.V.A 3. See the complete list of games below:

·         The Dark Knight Rises
·         The Amazing Spider-Man
·         Monster Life
·         The Oregon Trail: American Settlers
·         N.O.V.A. 3
·         Dungeon Hunter 3 HD
·         Kingdom and Lords
·         Asphalt 7
·         Ice Age Village
·         Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


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  • Seth


  • Mohammad

    simply awesome and i am going to switch from the ipad 2 to the nexus 10 because i love android ui , android capabilities and freedom in android !

  • HUNTER-ss5

    Awesome !!!!

  • Alex

    Please Optimise Oregon Trail American Settler and Ice age to Nokia Belke refresh

  • Alex

    Please Port Your Old HD games to Symbian n8 i want to purchase shrek forever after Rayman 2 Terminator Salvation Prince of Persia Zombie Infection Iron man 2 Hero of sparta 2 please release

  • konigbagbe Ebenezer

    Pls create screen resolutions for techno application enabled phones

  • te


  • Simon

    my comment is to play the game

  • ileana peralta


  • Michael

    When will port some hd games to symbian

  • lee

    Does this mean that asphalt 7 will have all the grsphics effects enabled on my nexus 7? When do you plan on releasing these updates? And will i have to pay again for these games? I hope you do a good job and good luck guys.

  • Mark


  • Redbeaver

    Focusing on N10's screen and N4's CPU?

    How about N7's Tegra which can barely play any of your crappy under-optimized games?

  • Joe bloggs

    How’s about you sort out your games on the tegra3 chip set

  • MIK

    And what about Nexus 7?

  • Thom

    OK but how about the tegra 3? will you optimize those games for the Nexus 7?

  • lee

    Gameloft ou had better optimise your games for tegra 3. They look like shit on my nexus 7. And optimising does not mean turning graphics off. I shold be able to pla at max graphics on all your games. Sort your dev monkey's out will you.

  • Chris

    When will GT racing come to the tablet? It is brilliant on my phone, and even works on the fruit based iPad.

  • Uliana Buslovska

    If you can an make wrestling for tegra zone tablets
    Your games are awesome! But i wont to play mc4 please

  • Yosha Qasmi

    online playing games

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