World at Arms

When the world is at arms, it all comes down to your thumbs.

No, this ain’t no thumb war, it’s World at Arms: the new war game for iPhone & iPad.

The country has come under attack by an alliance of Korean & Russian forces, known as the KRA. Only you can lead the counterattack in a 100 mission single player campaign with aerial and ground battles across the world map. Become more powerful, unlock new buildings, units and power-ups to defeat the enemy for good!

Through World At Arms’ real-time battles you’ll deploy your units and launch attacks with the enemies. Use modern tactics to engage in combat with your enemies, or with your friends online.

With a comprehensive single player campaign, online battles, leaderboards, and tons of achievements to unlock, World At Arms has your back, in addition to your thumbs.

Get it now on iPhone & iPad. Coming soon to Android..


World at Arms is now available on Google Play! Try it free today!


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