World at Arms

When the world is at arms, it all comes down to your thumbs.

No, this ain’t no thumb war, it’s World at Arms: the new war game for iPhone & iPad.

The country has come under attack by an alliance of Korean & Russian forces, known as the KRA. Only you can lead the counterattack in a 100 mission single player campaign with aerial and ground battles across the world map. Become more powerful, unlock new buildings, units and power-ups to defeat the enemy for good!

Through World At Arms’ real-time battles you’ll deploy your units and launch attacks with the enemies. Use modern tactics to engage in combat with your enemies, or with your friends online.

With a comprehensive single player campaign, online battles, leaderboards, and tons of achievements to unlock, World At Arms has your back, in addition to your thumbs.

Get it now on iPhone & iPad. Coming soon to Android..


World at Arms is now available on Google Play! Try it free today!


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  • Michel Lebrun

    I have a problem when i want to combat I clic on start and the game close for no reason. What can I do ?

  • Rodney Wimberly

    Update 16 is a disaster. Interface is not as user friendly. Problem of attacking opponents that show their available to be invaded only to get a message after victory that their protected (This was fixed in previous version). Gameloft, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THIS AWESOME GAME? As of the past few hours my app when loading stops at 35% and freezes. I know you guys are making a butt load of revenue off this app. Let’s do a better job of rolling out new updates. Furthermore, make your prices a bit more reasonable, $100 to buy one 1000% booster. You have a large fan base, easing up on the in app purchases will tempt more players to buy but we, or I at least feel ripped off when purchasing your Star packs.

  • Anonymous

    I got banned for nothing how can I get unbanned

  • Fred

    Unable to log into game, loads to 35% and then stops. I’ve waited up to 15 or 20 minutes for it to start again, NO LUCK!!!

  • Sarath

    the game is not working, it stops right after finishing loading. wat to do?

  • Tadeii

    I need help. I was play this game on my old phone SAMSUNG S3 and whs dont work anymore. Thre i was have a big army, Now i have iphone 6+ and I want play with my old base. How i can get IT BACK ?

  • Jacob Lucas Ramsdell

    I can’t access the game using my windows 10 computer with xbox live. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this problem, so I can play my game.

  • BajaTheGamerYT

    Guys i have big problem… I played this game on my Windows Phone 8.1 where i wasn’t logged into my XBOX account. Then i started to play on my PC Windows 10, i didn’t had my base i needed to start again. I tried to link devices but it said that i need to make new XBOX account to save my progress wich is on my Phone. There is problem, i don’t want to make new account because i have 20+ games on this…

  • Roman Armendariz

    I use to own a Microsoft phone with this game and was in the top ranks till I got a Samsung how do I recover my account to the Samsung because I worked so hard going to the high ranks

  • TheDestroyer

    why cant i get my base back.

  • Subzero

    you must complete the regular campaign to a certain point to unlock it

  • stephenb0

    I have the same problem, but it started last night, the app only loads to 35% and sits there with game music playing in background.

    I have tried it on my surface and two windows phones, same problem it stops loading at 35%

    When can I start play again?

  • Philip Vetrenski

    hey guys … a have a mission with name The Plunge … have no instruction, it’s only a text STRING_BROKEN … i have it after system update… and can’t pass it … please help. The icon is of the HQ

  • Philip Vetrenski


  • Cheryl Conner Dufresne

    On mission Fighting grounds. How do you raid coins from enemy buildings

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