World at Arms

When the world is at arms, it all comes down to your thumbs.

No, this ain’t no thumb war, it’s World at Arms: the new war game for iPhone & iPad.

The country has come under attack by an alliance of Korean & Russian forces, known as the KRA. Only you can lead the counterattack in a 100 mission single player campaign with aerial and ground battles across the world map. Become more powerful, unlock new buildings, units and power-ups to defeat the enemy for good!

Through World At Arms’ real-time battles you’ll deploy your units and launch attacks with the enemies. Use modern tactics to engage in combat with your enemies, or with your friends online.

With a comprehensive single player campaign, online battles, leaderboards, and tons of achievements to unlock, World At Arms has your back, in addition to your thumbs.

Get it now on iPhone & iPad. Coming soon to Android..


World at Arms is now available on Google Play! Try it free today!


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    How to donate

  • Abdul Sammad

    World at Arms
    Faction System Rules Description Q&A
    1. What are Factions?
    A Faction is a union between World at Arms players who join to fight against other Factions.

    2. How may I join or create a Faction?
    In order to create or join a Faction, you first have to reach level 10. Faction creation costs coins.

    3. What are the Faction rules?
    a. General Rules
    I. Once Players reach Level 10, they can create or request to join a Faction.
    II. Faction creation costs coins.
    III. Factions are limited to up to 50 members.
    IV. There are three types of Factions:
    1. Open – Free to join;
    2. Limited – Request to join;
    3. Closed – Members need to be invited by the Faction management.

    b. Internal Faction Management Rules
    I. Factions have the following ranks: General, Lieutenant and Soldier.
    II. Factions can have up to 2 Generals and an unlimited number of Lieutenants.
    III. The player who creates a Faction automatically becomes its main General.
    IV. Generals can promote members to Lieutenants or Generals, or demote them to Soldiers.
    V. Generals and Lieutenants can accept members in a Faction.
    VI. Generals can accept, invite, and kick out non-General members.
    VII. If the Founding General leaves a Faction, another General takes over his responsibilities.
    VIII. If all Generals leave a Faction, the Lieutenant with highest Glory rating takes the position. If no Lieutenants are available, the Soldier with highest Glory becomes General.

    c. War Management Rules
    I. Generals and Lieutenants can Declare & Accept Wars against other Factions.
    II. Factions can enter into wars by sending a war declaration. A Faction War starts when an opposing Faction’s General or Lieutenant accepts the war declaration.
    III. If the opposing Faction refuses the declaration, or does not respond within the time period it automatically loses the war and therefore Glory points. The opposing, winning Faction wins Glory points.
    IV. Each Faction can have up to 3 Wars declared or waging at the same time.
    d. Wars Rules
    I. Each War, once accepted, has a limited duration. During wartime, Faction members can battle enemy Faction members to earn Glory points. When a War ends, the victorious Faction wins Glory points, and the defeated Faction loses Glory points.
    II. Each day, members can attack enemy Faction members up to 5 times in each ongoing War. When all possible battles are spent, they will recover on the next day.
    III. Each victory against an opposing Faction member raises a player’s own Glory rating and also contributes towards winning the War.
    IV. Every War finishes with an Allied Assault, where the donated units from each side of the conflict fight in an epic and decisive battle.
    V. Faction members can donate of up to 2 units each for the Allied Assault.
    VI. The Allied Assault event result can greatly influence the final outcome of a War.
    VII. After the Allied Assault event, Contribution points are spread among the winning Faction’s members.
    VIII. The stronger the units donated, the more Contribution points the donor will gain after the Allied Assault event.

    e. Inner Faction Ranking Rules
    I. Each Faction Member’s Activity in the game is now rewarded with Contribution points.
    II. Each Player can earn Contribution points when defeating PvP opponents, enemy Faction members, donating units to their Faction, and other actions.
    III. Within a Faction, Players are ranked based on their Contribution score, showcasing the most active players in the Faction community.

    f. Top Factions Leaderboard
    I. Top Factions Leaderboard displays the ranking of the all Factions based on Glory points.
    II. The Top Factions Leaderboard is a time-limited leaderboard.
    III. When the time period ends, the Factions with the highest Glory points receive Gold Stars or other rewards.
    IV. The Gold Star rewards are spread between the top 10 members of the Faction based on their contribution. If the Faction has less than 10 members, they will be rewarded with the same amount as if they were 10 or more members.
    V. After each period, a new season is started, the Faction’s Glory points are reset, and new rewards are available to win.

    Please visit my website and also give a comment on guestbook page of my website.

  • yousef

    how i open new account in this game i delete it two times and the account not go i want new one

  • Frank

    is there a way to remove, delete an alliance

  • Gik2000

    I asking these to

  • yasser hassan

    I played an event and i was in 1st possition and i didnt got my reward

  • BinaryAssassin

    I’m trying to knock out one objective which includes “using the distress call while at war” which I am at war and trying to click assuming it is the two walkie-talkies located in the war footer section which tries to load facebook but a startup page never loads. I’ve tried having facebook on while doing this and registered it here on gameloft as well but doesn’t seem to work. Anyone know how to setup facebook account on world at arms so you can connect so I may knock out this one objective??? Thanks in advance.

  • Romio Love

    How i can reset my progress to begining at level 1 ? Any one know how ? Please tell me

  • DJ

    Hi. Is there any way to synchronize the game between different devices? (other than facebook!). to be exact: between windows and windows phone.

  • Rohan Ganachari

    How do I restart the career?
    I reinstalled the game but the data is saved. I want to start from the beginning again. Thanks in advance!

  • Rohan Ganachari

    Hi, How do I restart the career?
    I reinstalled the game but the data is saved. I want to start from the beginning again. Thank you! :)

  • Rohan Ganachari

    How do I restart the career?
    I reinstalled the game but the data is saved. I want to start from the beginning again. Thanks in advance!

  • Bob

    The game has crashed and will only load to 2 % I have tried for 2 days now to reload but with no success. I have even deleted the app and reloaded that again with no success. How do you contact Gameloft to complain or get the problem put right?

  • Phenoix

    Im trying to place roads and road blocks for achevements but I can’t find the section where roads are

  • John Dennington

    As a general how do you declare peace?

  • daniel

    What happens after I beat the KRA campaign

  • Kelvin Graham

    Need to carry it on windows, it did but update ne longer came for windows 8, need help allow windows 8 to play

  • Drew37857

    You have to have more than 10 people in a faction to fight in faction wars.

  • BinaryAssassin

    Anybody know how to unfriend an Allies in World at Arms (in Windows8 version)? I’m at my max 150 and want to kick some to make room for new friends. Thanks in advance!

  • Charles Zell

    What does it mean when the coin icon is blinking?

  • bill

    Why can’t I load was on my new kindle six

  • Amir Azzoug

    Hi there, how to add friends (neightboors) ingame?

  • xulo

    this game just waste of time and if u want upgrade is all about buy buy buy coins

  • Michael Nava

    I saw players use their photos. and im wondering how can you do that instead of using the avatar photos

  • detail man

    Hi i was really wondering where can i get more info on battles like i mean in detail how the battle system works how do u know how much a unit has life ? why when i get fused units and they attack is 5 times stronger than the enemys i lose units from enemy fire, if im supposed to use my units wisely i need some data info on how thing work and these battles are a blind game … yea right you got an attack and defense stat but what does it do really cause obviosly you can lose even if you got couple of time more attack or defense right.all in all what im trying to say is i would like to know how could i make the most of my units and yea i know there is the rock,paper,scissors system.I wa ssearching for a long time and didnt find anything about the battle system in detail i feel like im going to battle blindfolded having better units more expensive i still cant be sure of having an advantage so why spend thouse buck on fusions ortrain expensive units?? A little light on this system would be greatly appriciated besides this the game is totally awesome :) cheers

  • Mark Smith

    I have a surface RT that is on its last leg. Broken screen but I can get to world at arms with my keyboard. How can I switch my game to a new device? I’d like to use my note 3 until I get a new tablet.

  • TamHuynh

    Can anyone help me with this, my free lottery makes me wait for 42 weeks. At first i think it’s a bug, but now it’s still here. Why why why ?

  • Jeff

    i play on a windows tablet. the windows store doesnt install the version update. how do i update? game wont let me play until i do.

  • efz

    hello everyone, world at arms advice me to update,,,how to update?pls ineed help

  • Bazzamatazz

    how do I log in after reseting my computer

  • bacson

    why i was buy goldstar but i haven’t goldstar?

  • usmale475


  • Pirate

    Don’t waste your time to many hackers and GameLoft does nothing.

  • General Tool

    I cant seem to expand my base over the abandoned submarine pen. Ive expanded all the way down that peninsula so I am right next to it. I have expanded underwater so I am right underneath it. But when I click on the base it keeps telling me to repair it expand over it. It doesnt work! What else do I need to do?

  • james.josh3

    Help I am trying to load world at arms and its stuck at 2%

  • saaqi

    I have been banned without any reason
    What should i do

  • Jason Stuart

    I do. Just make sure you sign out of the game on one before you sign into the other

  • Thomas

    The most recent update crashed the game as it now will not load. Should I wait for another update or uninstall and reinstall? I am concerned about losing my current level 80 status.

  • Charles

    for the last 3 weeks can NOT connect to server from windows 8 but yet i can play on my android? before ya ask YES I am connected to internet I even tried uninstalling & reinstalling game but get the same thing

  • akilesh

    how to update

  • akilesh

    how to version update

  • Brent Leger

    World at arms will not load all of the way, it loads to 35% than dumps me. I have uninstalled the app than reinstalled it, have done a restore, and a recovery did not help. I’m on a surface pro 3 and had no problems be for the update

  • adiii

    How to donate

  • dominus

    How to invite players to join my faction

  • IronWolf Plays

    I love this game but if and of the developers (its not how you spell it I know) are reading this you do a poor job at abuse on the chat I mean I can’t play without some guys or girls wrecking the game for me with sexual talk or swearing there heads off

  • David

    Do I need to contribute to a faction that I started? A little piggy bank just showed up with $283, but it seems that I am suppose to put in 10K.

  • Chuck Finke

    Frozen out. World at Arms crashes at 33%. Game will not load. Help pleas Phantom!!!