The Ponies Are Back in Town

Have you been counting down the days until the return of the ponies? We have! And they are finally BACK with the season three premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We’re ready for a whole new season filled with dancing, singing, and hijinks galore! And just to keep the fun coming, now you can play with all your favorite characters between episodes in the official My Little Pony game! Play for free on iPhone, iPad, & Android!


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    who…. GAMELOFT is the Best,, nmbr one in world class.. . . .i Like Game Loft.

  • Anonymous


  • Yoleidi


  • ultimazack

    the game itself is awesome but the friends system is broken on android.

  • Anonymous

    best game ever exsept i played for a hour and then the game shut off and never let me on i was devistated

  • Flicker Storm

    Update with the friends feature fixed on android, PLEASEEEEE.

  • Mark

    Why isn't it on Windows Phone

  • Dalkor

    Fix Gameloft Live! issues in Android version(the game fails to properly connect to Live!, so you can’t import friends and share game progress). If there are no friends, there is no magic!

  • The Charming Luna

    Please fix the friending issues through gameloft PLEASE! Iphone user who has 23+ game loft friends and only 4 show up in my friends list. All the rest say invited! Need crystals and hearts! And for pete sake you should drop the prices or add more coins/crystals. Smurfs is a good game to look at as far as charging for in game items…

  • The Charming Luna

    Oh and my game loft id is CharmmyCanuck in case anyone wants to add me! thanks

  • Mark

    Was really lookin forward to get this on my Alcatel OT 995, and then it doesnt show up in the app store claiming my device isnt compatible…(yet nova 3 and other high end gameloft titles are). Will it be made available for more devices later on? or will i my alcatel be ponyless?

  • Lai-Lai

    How about a port for Playbook? It's pretty easy to convert from Android. a Facebook or Google+ version wouldn't hurt either, or be risky given how popular the show is with teen boys.

  • laurasjoy

    Please fix the friend issue for Android. I cant connect to anyone but Princess Celestia, (although 3 friends show up) I cant get hearts or crystals. It really limits my ability to play the game.

    Also, there is a button to get free crystals, I assume for signing up for apps, but it doesnt do anything when I click on it, ugh!