Win Spider-Man & a Kindle Fire HD

Is your spidey-sense tingling? Well it should be! Because in honor of the DVD & Blu-Ray relase of The Amazing Spider-Man, we’re giving away a copy of the game & a Kindle Fire HD to play it on! Pretty awesome right?

To enter, all you have to do is head on over to Facebook HERE, like us, and fill in your info. It’s so simple even a spider could do it! What are you waiting for? ENTER NOW!

Wait… what are you still doing here? Don’t believe me about how awesome this prize is? Well for those of you not in the know, The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game is an action-packed open-world adventure! Swing through the streets of Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, beat up baddies, and save the damsel in distress just like in the movie. And to keep you on your toes, you’ll have to watch out for the big bad in the film, Lizard, who isn’t too happy with all your web-slingin fun!

Can’t wait to win it? Well, you can always grab a copy today on iPhone, iPad, & Android! And let us know what you think of the Blockbuster film & game in the comments.


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  • sarawut
  • Rakesh Dalu

    I luv spidey.

  • satish


  • tuan anh

    DV Fred

  • Imran

    Please Make The Amazing Spiderman HD and The Dark Knight Rises HD in 300mb for Nokia N8 Belle Refresh.

  • Patrick

    I want to buy Shrek forever after hd terminator salvation hd iron man 2 hd and rayman 2 hd for nokia c7 please make it if its cost 10$ for per game i am demanding of these g 4 game from long time but dont get any of them.

  • Patrick

    i dont care of any others vendor from java times now i switch to symbian belle n8 and buy all your hd games to n8 i like all your games i dont understand why you stop making hd games for symbian as more people want to buy your games. Hope in near future we will surely get your games specially my favourite shrek terminator iron man 2 and rayman 2 plesse release

  • Dhurai

    87.meuttu stred

  • Sahan K Shettigar


  • Eric Sackey

    I really luv spiderman both e game n e movie…..

  • Rosana

    já duas vezes que tento baixar um jogo no meu celular e nâo consigo baixar, mas mesmo assim descontaram do meus créditos.Estou muito chateada com tudo isso. E depois ainda mandou um site que nao consegui entrar.Moral só Eu que sai perdendo!!!

  • ogay thea

    i like it….

  • Monirul Hasan

    i played in my desktop it is a good game