Are You MOGA Ready?

Unlock the full potential of your favorite Android games with the MOGA™ Mobile Gaming System. Experience your favorite Gameloft titles including N.O.V.A. 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Asphalt 7, and Gameloft’s first Unreal Engine game, Wild Blood, with MOGA’s dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers, and four action buttons. You’ll be truly in control from the start of each multiplayer session to the end of every single player campaign. What could be better than that? Try it for yourself today!

Check out the full list of compatible games below and stay tuned for more great games coming soon!


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    why dont you guys just support android native controller api so I can use what ever controller I want?

  • Jackson w chuma

    Am really iterested

  • Jackson w chuma

    I like about your services

  • russell

    What game is that in the picture? I’m almost done with Asphalt 7, the last frame, and I haven’t seen that “Indy” car.. Thanks

  • http://Facebook russell

    What game is that in the picture? I’m almost done with Asphalt 7, the last tier, and I’ve never seen that “Indy” car… Thanks

  • Michael

    Does it work on iPod touch 4th gen.?

  • Michael Kent

    A great accessory for those “stuck” with a small screen. Personally speaking for myself > a phone is just a phone, they are almost obsolete. I prefer my iPads to anything else on the market at this point in time…

  • EvmanX

    Please make it for iphone

  • Anonymous

    vai tomor na boga…

  • http://youtube syed


  • Dax

    And iPad, Duo Controller sucks and cost too much

  • krupal


  • arjun


  • GL fan

    MOGA FOR GANGSTER VEGAS PLEASE! Why would you have it with Rio then take it out. Get going already.

  • JOEY


  • Hussam

    Heroes of order and choes please

  • Elias Dakhouch

    Moga for The Amazing Spiderman 2 Please