Are you ready for MC4?

It’s a new week and we’ve released new Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour info! Visit the official site to see what’s new and scroll down to enjoy the latest screens and info on how we are beefing up security in MC4!

The team is hard at work on MC4, the latest in the Modern Combat franchise and we are working to make it the BEST game in the series. Not only in terms of graphics, effects, gameplay, and story, but also in security. As many MC3 players have pointed out, hackers can kill the fun of a multiplayer match and unbalance the gameplay. Trust me: we hate hackers just as much as you do.

The simple fact is that true gamers get their skills from practice, hard work, and hours of gameplay. That’s why we’re working to make sure our honest players can enjoy our game the way it was meant to be played. We’ve integrated tougher safeguards and security measures, as well as introduced a ‘Report Abuse’ form which sends crucial information DIRECTLY to our Zero Hour team here in Montreal. This way, we’ll not only be able to take immediate action against them, but also gain crucial information on how to keep them out for good.

Stay tuned for more information about Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and let us know what has you most excited about the game in the comments!

MC4 is out! Pick up your copy today!


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  • Imran

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    Man 2 HD and The Dark knight Rises HD For
    Symbian ^3 N8

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  • kaledahskle

    bere good

  • kaledahskle

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  • kaledahskle


  • kaledahskle


  • Talive

    I bought the game but when i press download on google play it wont download. I tried it on my nexus 7

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  • Morgan Fu

    Gabe Ugliano

  • Andy Irdina

    Ive purchase the game from gameloft store, and i get a lame modern combat 4 zero hour game. The name of the game is same, but the gameplay is terrible.